Cottage Decor Ideas in Neutral Colors Enhancing Rustic Beauty of Natural Materials

cottage decor ideas, fur and solid wood
Cottage decor ideas for bedrooms


Cottage decor in neutral colors, beautiful logs and dramatic black-n-white decorating ideas create an amazing retreat in a Polish village. Perfect as a summer house, this beautiful cottage looks luxurious and inviting after extensive renovation and interior redesign. Modern cottage decor ideas look impressive, warm and cozy, blending the traditions with contemporary trends in decorating.

A huge living room with two fireplaces and four bedrooms delight the owners and guests. Modern cottage decor is enhanced by adding hunting trophies, which the owners inherited from their parents. Located in Mazury region, Poland, the village is ideal for summer getaways. Beautiful rivers and lakes offer unforgettable canoe trips and amazing water landscapes. The little cottage is inviting and offers a nice place to enjoy the summer.

Two architects bought this little cottage which is the former shop and summer holiday house. Its vintage walls and rustic beauty of natural wood enhance the atmosphere of the summer cottage, and decor ideas emphasize the relaxing feel.

Summer decorating ideas inspired by relaxing Canadian cottage decor

Modern cottage decor ideas and interior design trends creating open eco friendly home interiors

Bright cottage decor ideas

Living room design, cottage decor in neutral colors

Four large windows and huge wooden trusses supporting the attic make interior design look dynamic, bright and interesting, blending modern ideas and vintage style into the cottage exterior design and living spaces. Carved wood patterns, attractive tiles in beige color celebrate ethnic interior decorating ideas. Black and white decorating contrasts bring energy and romantic vibe into cottage decor.

Fur pillows and an antlers chandelier, warm hides on the floor, upholstered chairs and ottomans create unique cottage decor which is cozy and creative. Horns on the accent wall with birch trees in the bedroom and a huge fur blanket personalize the classic lodge design and spice up cottage decor.

Solid wood and fur, modern cottage decor ideas

French windows in the living room, fireplaces, oven, elegant chandeliers, fur and candlesticks speck warmth and coziness, adding unique vintage style character to this cottage decor. Custom-made architectural elements and interior design details, leather ottomans and rustic wood emphasize the rural style of the cottage decor and add a natural feel to interior decorating.

White decorating ideas brighten up cottage decor

33 forest cottage surrounded by trees and tranquility

Logs bring bright golden colors into black and white rooms. Pearly beige and light gray color tones add depth and elegance to black and white decorating ideas. Wood ceiling designs, antique wood beams, posts and wooden floor  are combined with fur hides and home fabrics made of natural fibers. Wooden walls lined with natural stone look beautiful, creating warm cottage decor. Glass chandeliers and glossy white tiles on the fireplace add shiny chic to the cottage interiors.

Wooden walls and ceiling designs in vintage style, fur hides and burlap window curtains

The cottage decor has lots of different white colors, from pale gray color tones to soft and creamy whites which blur with natural textures, making the interior decorating feel airy and pleasant. Classic neutral colors and bright accents are skillfully mixed giving unique personality to this cottage decor and turning a country home into an elegant retreat.

White decorating ideas, living room furniture upholstery fabrics and fur ottomans
Wooden dining furniture and glass chandelier
White painted wooden chairs and table cloth, natural stone wall design
White kitchen cabinets, blue wall paint, small kitchen design
Cottage decor ideas for bedrooms
Glass chandelier and antlers wall decoration
Small bathroom design
Entryway design and decorating with wood and white flowers

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