33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Eco Homes

Creative interior decorating with natural materials is comfortable. Organic design sets one of the modern trends in eco home decorating.  Lushome shares 33 interior decorating ideas demonstrating creative and modern ways to blend natural materials with stylish design. They are great inspirations for decorating beautiful, healthy and eco-friendly homes interiors. These ideas can be useful for decorating outdoor rooms also.

Modern interior decorating with natural materials and crafts looks interesting, pleasant and unique. Natural and eco-friendly materials create comfortable and aesthetically appealing living spaces with personality. Tree branches and bark, acorns and pine cones, leaves and berries, beach pebbles and sea shells, dry flowers, and driftwood are excellent natural materials for adding original designs to modern interiors in eco style.

Decorating in the eco style that uses handmade accents and creative home decorations, natural materials and interior colors is an inexpensive way to make your home look beautiful and connected to nature. Simple home decorations designed with natural materials are easy to make. Eco-friendly crafts require less time than you need to find what you like to buy. Healthy, eco-friendly and natural materials improve your health and create a pleasant mood, which is another plus.

Solid wood furniture, eco style trend in interior decorating

Green home decor that cleans the air, top eco-friendly house plants

Modern interior decorating with natural materials

wood pieces and flower table centerpiece idea in eco style

Birch wood pieces and flowers table centerpiece idea for interior decorating in eco style

All natural materials look gorgeous. Any combinations of them create fabulous centerpieces and decorative accents. It is quick and affordable to make your modern interior decorating look exclusive and very personal with crafts created with natural materials.

Tree branches and bark, acorns and pine cones, leaves and berries, beach pebbles and sea shells, dry flowers, and driftwood can be combined with reclaimed wood and glass, ceramic and stone, metal and natural fibers to design unique furniture and decor accessories. A unique coffee table or a chair, holiday table centerpieces and book shelves, mirror frames and floor mats are just a few ideas to add something original and eco-friendly to your home interiors.

tree branches used for wall decoration in eco style

Tree branches for wall decoration in eco style, modern interior decorating ideas

Tree stumps make great end tables, stools, and ottomans. Stump pieces are perfect for creating kitchen accessories or decorating empty walls. Tree branches, bark, acorn, pinecones, leaves, berries, beach pebbles, sea shells, dry flowers, driftwood, even sand or dry food are excellent materials for creating fantastic table centerpieces for modern eco homes.

Eco style Christmas decorating trend

Felt Rose Bud basket, craft ideas for green interior decorating

Bamboo is a great sustainable material, perfect for designing unique lighting and room dividers, and adding originality to modern home decor. Wool felt and feathers are beautiful materials for showing your craft skills also. All natural materials have fantastic textures and bring beautiful colors into interior design. Crafts made with eco-friendly and natural materials give a nice personal touch to home decorating in eco style.

river pebbles for making hot pot pads

Using river pebbles for making hot pot pads, unique and modern kitchen accessories made of natural material

wood pieces and candles centerpiece idea

Candle centerpiece made with birch branches

tree branch table centerpiece idea starfish and sea shells decorations for fireplace mantel dry food used for making wall decoration corn candle centerpiece sea shells candles centerpieces wood pieces used for making pot pads desk top storage containers decorated with tree bark tree bark for vase decorating tree branch for shelf decoration salvaged wood wall decoration branches painted white color for table decoration logs and branches for staircase design beach pebbles and candles centerpieces acorns for making home decorations starfish and sea shell hooks salvaged wood pieces for making jewelry organizers tree branches for making wall decoration tree branches for wall decoration logs for wall decoration furniture decoration with beach pebbles and white paint mirror frame decorating with sea shells driftwood and rocks table centerpiece tree bark for decorating picture frame salvaged wood for making book stand river pebbles for wall decoration tree branch with pendant lights sea shells and driftwood table centerpieces tree branches for wall decoration wood pieces used for empty wall decoration

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 23.10.2016