Solid Wood Furniture, Eco Style Trend in Interior Design and Home Decor

solid wood bedroom furniture, italian furniture

Solid wood furniture for bedroom decorating, Italian furniture, wardrobe


Solid wood furniture and natural materials sound great for creating modern interior design and decor in eco homes. In our high-tech times natural materials feel and look very attractive. Wooden furniture is warm and comfortable, blending functionality, durability and unique texture into modern furniture design. The eco style is more popular than ever, bringing traditional and classy solid wood furniture back into home interiors.

In spite of the fact that modern technologies allow furniture manufacturers produce contemporary furniture of good quality man-made materials, solid wood furniture and decor accessories made of wood are strong trends in modern furniture design. Wooden furniture, home accessories and solid wood architectural elements are stylish, beautiful and popular.

Wooden furniture and room decor accessories, wood ceiling beams and lighting fixtures, made of wood, are modern interior design trends, that add comfort, pleasant feel and charming, relaxing and healthy accents to the eco style which enhances modern interior design and home staging for comfortable, pleasant and healthy living.

Modern interior design with solid wood furniture

Modern office furniture, maple wood desk and chair

Office furniture, desks, chairs, bookcases and shelves, made of solid wood and wooden materials are stylish and very attractive eco friendly products that offer gorgeous home furnishings for room decorating. Pine furniture adds soft and warm golden color to modern room decor, and hard wood furniture pieces bring chic into modern interior design.

Wood furniture, especially antique furniture and room decor accessories, made of exotic wood, teak furniture, red wood furniture, Asian or African decorations made of exotic woods create luxurious interior design and decor, adding the warmth of natural wood, unique details and natural beauty to office and home interiors.

Carved wood living room furniture and fireplace mantel

Traditional and contemporary wooden furniture, creative and unique furniture designs made of exotic wood and vintage furniture pieces bring comfort, luxury and a sense of security into room decor, enriching modern interior design with this fabulous natural material which is versatile and suitable for any office and home interiors.

The art of interior design, furniture design trends

3d drop ceiling panels, ceiling decorating ideas

Custom made furniture, carved wood artworks or exotic wooden decorations, like Asian wooden screens, exposed wooden ceiling beams, wooden stairs, wall panels and wooden doors are just a few ways to bring attractive, luxurious, elegant and cozy items into your interior design in eco style.

Modern dining chair made of wood
Quality wood furniture, modern furniture design

Wooden furniture for interior design in eco style

Carved wood bathroom mirror frames

Carved wood wall panelling for contemporary room decorating

Live trees create unique, calming, refreshing and stimulating energy. Creative modern furniture pieces, precious vintage furniture items and unusual log furniture are great for decorating homes in eco style, bringing comfort, beautiful texture of wood into modern interior design and decor, and creating tranquil and warm atmosphere with stylish and pleasant home furnishings made of wood.

Designer furniture, solid wood table, handmade wood furniture

Ordinary meals look more attractive and inviting on warm and soft wooden table tops, and a conversation is more sincere, when people are relaxing, enjoying comfortable and warm brown colors, pleasant look and unique texture of wooden furniture.

Designer home bar sets, modern bar furniture

Dreams on a solid wood bed are sweeter. Comfortable bedroom decorating with wooden furniture improves mood, and wooden office furniture makes people calmer, – researches say, reminding us that all people are children of the nature.

Queens dining furniture, Italian furniture design, modern furniture

Wood is a wonderful natural and healthy material for furniture and decor accessories. Solid wood furniture pieces are beautiful, comfortable and eco friendly products that add variety of textures, designs and colors to modern interior design and decor, and create warm, relaxing and modern interiors in eco style.

Outdoor wood furniture, hard wood furniture
Dark wood furniture for bathroom decorating

Various wood furniture finishes and comfortable light and dark brown color shades of natural wood allow to create unique eco homes, bringing softness and warmth of this wonderful natural material into modern interior design and decor in eco style.

Rustic wood furniture, country furniture for dining room decorating
Solid wood furniture for bedroom decorating, Italian furniture, wardrobe
Wooden desk and chair
Solid wood office furniture, writing table, office chair, bookcases and shelves
Wooden office design with solid wood furniture, wooden walls and ceiling designs
Unique furniture made of solid wood and leather
Leaf shaped dining table made of solid wood, unique furniture design
Painted wooden furniture for bedroom decorating

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