20 Ideas for Home Decorating with Glass Plant Terrariums, Unique Eco Gifts

plant terrarium in small glass jar

Small glass plant terrarium, made of glass jar and green moss

Glass plant terrariums are charming, eco friendly and inexpensive home decorating ideas. Glass terrariums with plants make wonderful eco gifts for holidays, birthdays and special occasions, offer striking table centerpieces and wall decorations for eco homes.

An easy to make glass terrarium with plants is one of green ideas for modern homes, that help bring mature inside, creating pleasant interior decorating.

Glass plant terrariums can be made of glass tableware and plates, glass jars and bowl, using moss and small indoor plants, beach pebbles and driftwood pieces for decorating home interiors in eco friendly style.

Eco friendly home decorating ideas and gifts

terrariums for dining table decorationThree glass plant terrarium design ideas for creating eco friendly table centerpieces and home decorations

Glass terrariums with plants bring life into home interiors, adding unusual and attractive wall decorations and table centerpieces that beautify rooms with fresh green color and light reflections.

Interior decorating ideas that include indoor plants, miniature trees, aquariums and glass terrariums, look relaxing and tranquil, offering ideal places for rest after a busy day.

plant terrarium in small glass jarSmall glass plant terrarium, made of glass jar and green moss

A small aquarium, plastic or glass terrarium with plants does not take a lot of space. Convenient and charming, these eco friendly home decorations make home interiors feel natural, calming and cozy

Glass plant terrarium ideas

Small aquarium, glass aquarium tanks design trends.

Transparent plastic or glass terrariums with plants are excellent for busy lifestyle. Small indoor plants under the glass do not require everyday watering, growing in an ideal environment.

small tin can terrarium with plants for wall decorating
Small tin cans turned into plant terrariums for fridge door or wall decorating

Natural decorating materials, sand and beach or river pebbles, driftwood pieces and dry branches from your backyard, combined with small plants and moss make wonderful eco gifts, gorgeous arrangements for wall decoration and elegant table centerpieces.

Eco friendly home decorations, Biome Smart terrarium design idea

Lilliputian table decorations and eco gift ideas, mini plants

Your can create a unique glass terrarium with plants for your home decorating or prepare inexpensive eco gifts for friends, using glass items that clutter your home and creating amazing home decorations.

small terrariums with plants for table decorationSmall glass terrariums with plants for table decoration, impressive eco friendly table centerpieces

Feng Shui home decor with miniature indoor house plants

Inexpensive green holiday decor, handmade Christmas decorations and table centerpieces

20 unique, creative and inspiring ideas for making a glass terrarium with plants will help you find the best plants and terrarium designs for your home decorating and add an elegant decorative accent to your room, or surprise friends with a unique eco gift.

wood and moss used for making terrarium and table decorationsBeautiful eco friendly table centerpieces, wood and moss used for creative and unusual table decoration

Enhance the look and naturalistic feel of your room with a glass plant terrarium, creating a simple and beautiful decoration in eco style. Design small glass terrariums for gifts that bring a piece of nature into your friends’ homes.

Creative table decorating ideas

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 28.01.2012