Eco Friendly Home Decorations, Biome Smart Terrarium Design Ideas

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glass terrarium containers for small indoor plants
Contemporary glass terrarium containers with mini computers for environment setting control, modern design ideas for new ways to use computer technology



Glass plant terrarium designs offer eco-friendly home decorations that add a natural decorating theme to modern interior design and create attractive and organic home interiors. Biome Smart Terrarium is the design showing an advanced and beautiful way to decorate a home office, kitchen, kids room, and create a unique table centerpiece for living room or dining room decorating.

Modern glass terrarium containers are for growing small indoor plants. The features look gorgeous on the window sill and coffee tables, bringing beautiful, nature-inspired home decorations into modern homes. Contemporary plant terrariums, controlled with iPad technology, are unique, eco-friendly products that become fashionable and convenient, high-tech decorations, perfect for creating elegant and modern accents with small indoor plants.

Contemporary glass plant terrarium ideas allow discovering new possibilities and using iPad technology that helps take care of plants. The innovative designs create less stressful life. Smart Plant Terrarium design is inspired by experiments to find new ways of using modern computer technology, PCs and smartphones by owners.

Innovative glass terrarium for growing small indoor plants

Distant control of the conditions for growing terrarium plants makes life easier. Settings and climate control functions create the ideal environment for small indoor plants, growing in attractive glass terrarium containers. Slow Tech Designs for Digital Downtime is a unique project inspiring more applications for contemporary iPad technology, including the new glass terrariums, that will help turn a busy lifestyle into relaxing, healthy and enjoyable.

Feng Shui home decor with small indoor plants

Green home decor miniatures, table decoration with indoor house plants

Biome Smart glass terrariums are design ideas giving people a chance to rest, to stop for a moment and enjoy the natural accents in their beautiful home decorating. Eco-friendly home decorations, like glass terrarium containers with small indoor plants, are lovely, attractive, and peaceful. Plants help people rejuvenate and relax, reminding of simple and essential things in life.

Miniature garden, table decoration in contemporary style

Smart plant terrarium design can inspire people to grow their mini gardens, using the advanced computer technology. Digital control of the environment for small terrarium plants, lighting, temperature, water and air purification, makes it easy. Caring for indoor plants and watching them grow and bloom make life simplified and enjoyable. Using smartphones or mini PCs is a part of it.

How to decorate kitchen with plants and save money

Recycling decor, old shoes for indoor plants

Changing the setting for the environment inside smart glass plant terrarium just once a week gives people more free time for other interests and allows growing small indoor plants remotely, for example, from an office or while on vacation away from home.

Growing small plants by using digital technologies

Cactus plants and Feng Shui decorating

 Add indoor plants to home decor to improve air quality

Biome Smart Terrarium can send all critical information to social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook, so people can monitor temperature and light settings, and see how their small indoor plants are doing.


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