Wooden Lighting Fixtures Marrying Sculptural Art with Functionality and Decorative Appeal

designer lights inspired by native indian art

Designer lights, wooden lamps inspired by Native Indian art


Wooden lighting fixtures by Peter Pierobon are a creative reflections of natural beauty and original Native American designs. Wooden lighting fixtures blend contemporary lighting design technology with elegant simplicity of wooden artworks, enhancing these functional home furnishings by adding striking appeal to creative and modern lamps.

Made with a traditional natural material, the wooden lighting fixtures are ideal for home decorating in eco style. They look like exotic beautiful flowers and bring a natural feel and organic shapes into modern interior design and home decorating. These unique lighting fixtures appear familiar and novel, demonstrating fresh and creative design that enriched by warm wood and harmonious forms.

Envisioned by Canadian designer Peter Pierobon, the modern lighting fixtures create a series of unusual pendant lights, floor lamps and wall lights that look romantic, especially at night. Yellow cedar and cherry are beautiful wood types that are selected for making these amazing and unique lighting fixtures.

Unique lighting fixtures that blend cedar wood with camera look

Sculptural lighting fixtures bringing cypress wood into modern interiors

Tipi inspired table lamps, unique lighting design idea

Wooden lighting fixtures

Designer lights, wooden lamps inspired by Native Indian art

Wooden lighting fixtures, inspired by the nature are very decorative, attractive and versatile. Suitable for all decorating styles, the lamps creates beautiful decorations for modern homes.

Peter Pierobon, www.peterpierobon.com/ was born and raised in North Vancouver enjoying every minute of his creative childhood amongst the rain forest of the North Shore. From the beginning he loved to make objects and was initially inspired by the amazing artworks produced by the many First Nations artists working in BC during the 1960s.

Unique lighting fixtures that look like large exotic flowers
Wooden pendant lights

  by Ena Russ   


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