Tipi Inspired Table Lamp, Unique Lighting Design Idea

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Tipi table lamp with wooden legs


This modern table lamp looks simple and elegant, offering a quick and efficient way of room decorating. The lighting design idea is inspired by a tipi, and looks like a conical tent, traditionally made of wooden poles and animal skins. The tipi was used by the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains.

The Tipi lamp features four legs made ​​from solid oak and placed at an angle to create a tipi, bringing this recognizable shape of portable homes designed by nomadic Indians into modern interior decorating. Light and open design adds unique accent to room decor and create interesting detail for modern interior decorating.

The table lamp Tipi is created by designer Erik Remmers, offering fun lighting design which attracts attention and beautify interior decorating by adding unusual and very decorative accent. The table lamp Tipi is original, functional and modern lighting design, perfect for adding coziness to interior decorating.

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Table lamp Tipi

Tipi table lamp for creative and unique interior decorating

This table lamp looks wonderful in any interior. The versatile lighting design is suitable for country home decorating and spicing up contemporary rooms.

Bright and unusual, the table lamp features contrasting details, adds an unusual accent to modern interior decorating and make a unique gift.

Tipi table lamp with wooden legs

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Offered in several colors to choose from, the Tipi lamps are available in neutral beige, classy black, bright blue and soft pink colors to compliment modern interior decorating or create contrasting details that brighten up room decor.

  by Ena Russ   


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