Black and White Decorating Ideas Turning Small Old Apartment into Modern Home in Scandinavian Style

interior design and decorating small apartments

Space saving dining area in retro modern style


Black and white decorating make small apartments look elegant and airy. This small old apartment features 26 sq m of the floor area which were transformed into a modern home with black and white contrasts and space saving interior design solutions.

The apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and offer a retro modern home that blends comfort and functionality with bright and welcoming decor. The original parquet wood floor, solid ceiling designs and built-in wardrobe add a retro touch to modern interiors. Modern kitchen design and home appliences, simple and elegant black and white decorating ideas add a contemporary flair to living spaces.

Creative space saving apartment ideas and light neutral color combinations, stylish accents and comfortable decor transformed this small apartment into pleasant home which offers a great standard of living. The small apartment features a functional small kitchen design with a charming dining area in retro modern style, black and white living room with large windows, interesting artworks and a lovely balcony.

Small apartment ideas in Scandinavian style

Space saving dining area in retro modern style

The small apartment is a perfect home for a single person with a spacious walk-in closet with large storage spaces next to the entrance door.

Black and white decorating ideas create beautiful contrasts and add interesting accents, like the checkerboard floor and graphic artworks, to modern interior design. Plenty of natural light, high ceiling designs and light neutral color palette of kitchen and living room furnishings add a spacious feel to light and functional apartment ideas.

Black and white decorating for small apartments, graphic artworks and light home decor

The bright and comfortable room features the door to the balcony which helps increase living spaces and invites to enjoy the sun shine in a tiny, but pleasant and beautiful outdoor seating area.

Small Scandinavian homes

Scandinavian style apartment ideas, white decorating

Breezy interior design with vintage furniture and white decorating in Scandinavian home

Light interior design and white decorating in Scandinavian style, small apartment ideas

Living room furnishings in black and white
Modern small kitchen design with white cabinets and contemporary kitchen appliances

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