Unique Lighting Fixtures Highlighting Colorful and Playful Google Office Design in Ireland

modern lighting fixtures and office design ideas


Unique lighting fixtures and ceiling designs add playful and original feel to Google’s office design in Dublin. Bright interior design colors are integrated in dynamic office interiors, creating cheerful and energetic office design. The new office in Ireland is designed by Camenzind Evolution, www.camenzindevolution.com/ in collaboration with local firm Henry J. Lyons Architects.

Beautiful and innovative, stylish and unique lighting fixtures and ceiling designs add character to modern interiors blending comfort with functionality and enhancing interesting and original office designs. The giant office design project created 47,000 sq m of bold and colorful workspace for the Google EU Headquarters. It is a part-time home for employees from more than 65 countries.

The values of the famous brand are carefully mirrored by the impressive modern interiors, surprising decor ideas, including vivid room colors, interesting texture combinations and modern lighting fixtures that are integrated into stunning 3d ceiling designs. From traditional lanterns in Eastern style to contemporary floor lamps and modern ceiling lights, the unique lighting fixtures blend various forms and textures with bold colors adding eye-catching accents to modern interior design.

Unique lighting fixtures

Contemporary lighting fixtures for modern office design

There is suspension lighting fixtures and wall fixtures that look like art pieces and decorate walls in elegant and creative style. Panels of lighting enhance the modern office designs, along with contemporary floor lamps, that enhance ceiling designs with light directed upwards.

The lamp shapes and lighting design ideas are original, surprising and very contemporary. New materials that are used for modern lighting fixtures allow to experimenter with various forms, adding depth to modern interior design and decorating ceilings with creative and familiar nature inspired shapes. Modern lighting fixtures made of traditional and contemporary materials, – ceramic, glass and paper, chrome, steel, wood or silicone, look fabulous, adding futuristic look to modern office designs.

Colorful wall lights and interior design ideas

Eco friendly, beautiful and energy efficient modern lighting design is combined with light ceiling panels adding style and creative details to ceiling designs. These unique lighting fixtures vary in designs, but work well with bright room colors, playful interior design and decor, adding a fluid feel and modern edge to contemporary office style. The lighting design looks soft and feminine, light and weightless.

Recycling used brass musical instruments for unique lighting fixtures

10 unique lighting ideas which add character to modern interior design and decor

Toy like contemporary lighting fixtures, unique lighting design ideas

Apart from innovative office designs, the Master plan required the successful organization of a multitude of additional functions, such as 5 restaurants, 42 micro kitchens and communication hubs, game rooms, fitness center, pool, wellness areas, conference, learning and development center, tech stops, over 400 informal and formal meeting rooms and phone booths and so on.

Modern ceiling lights and bright room colors

Each level of the newly constructed Google Docks main campus building has a special theme, reflected through different materials, room colors, shapes, furnishings and modern lighting fixtures. The BE GREEN interior design theme is inspired by nature and expressing Google’s ecological focus. The @HOME decorating is dedicated to offering employees cozy, friendly and relaxing interior design and decor and creating an inspiring and stimulating environment.

Eco friendly modern lighting design ideas
Unique lighting fixtures in Eastern lantern style for creative, elegant and modern interior design

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