20 Unique Lighting Design Ideas, Designer Lights for Modern Interiors

unique lighting fixtures for modern interiors

Contemporary floor lamps, creative lighting design idea


New lighting design ideas are spectacular, energy efficient and innovative. Modern lighting fixtures add character and charm to interior design and bring fabulous details into office or home decorating. Lushome presents a few fresh and beautiful designer lights that can add elegance and contemporary feel to any room.

The new lighting design, inspired by fans from from Preciosa Lighting is called Fano Lamp. Created for Czech brand, these designer lights remind two fans connected in the middle. The bulbs is located exactly in the center of the lamps, enhancing the light design of blades that spark and glow.

Gently moving on almost invisible suspensions, the Fano lamps create a spectacular display by playing with light and shadows. The amazing and impressive designer lights feature crystal glass parts that enlighten modern interiors with reflections and shine produced by precisely cut sharp edges.

5 lighting design ideas, designer lights for modern interiors

5 contemporary lighting design ideas

Fano lamps

Fano lamps, designer lights for modern interiors

The Fano lamps look wonderful individually and in a group. They can decorate modern home interiors and offices, bringing bright, interesting and attractive design into functional spaces.

These lighting fixtures are unique, impressive and versatile, suitable for all room decorating color schemes and many decor styles.

Unique lighting ideas, Fano lamps
Creative and unusual modern lighting design idea

Sound lamps

Hanging lamps blending contemporary and retro styles into unique lighting for modern interiors

Amazing crafted wood lighting fixtures inspired by flower petals

This gorgeous designer lights from Preciosa combine the light and the sound of glass to bring the beauty and harmony into the art of decor. Preciosa lighting introduces a new musical light showned at Light + Building 2014 exhibition.

Designer lights inspired by sound waves

The Sound Lamps look like crystal jewelry, offering fabulous decorative accessories and functional lighting fixtures that dramatically transform modern interiors. The Sound lamps are the latest work by Peter and Michaela Mikozek Vratnikova at Boa Design studio that created these amazing modern lighting fixtures with the beautiful sound.

Sound lamps, unique lighting design idea

The glass sound waves are creatively captured in a shape of the modern lighting fixtures, creating an impressive effect and volume. The Sound lamps are unique lighting ideas to create novel and interesting musical compositions the Time to Walk with Me, recorded by Czech singer and songwriter Sarah Vondrashkova.

Unique lighting design ideas

Exposed bulbs table lamp
Double rings metal lamps
Large hanging lamp
Elegant table lamp with wooden support
Designer lights, table lamps with house bases in various styles
Recycling paper for modern lighting
Recycling paper for lamp shades, globe hanging lamps
Contemporary floor lamps, creative lighting design idea

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