Contemporary Lighting Design Ideas, LED Lamps by QisDesign

modern lighting fixtures, table lamps
Energy efficient modern lighting fixtures with LED lights


Contemporary lighting design ideas bring innovative material combinations and unusual shapes into room decorating. Designers recycle materials, combine them with stylish colors and energy efficient LED lights, creating unique lamps that are functional, attractive and eco friendly. Lushome presents a few modern lighting design ideas from QisDesign, based in Taiwan.

These contemporary lighting fixtures won a few awards, including IF Product Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and the Golden Pin Design Award. The modern lamps preent creative, interesting and contemporary design ideas, offering great lighting fixtures for modern homes and offices.

Here is a collection of lighting fixtures named Coral, Coral Reef and Aurelia that are inspired by the beauty of the underwater world.

Contemporary lighting design, modern lights for kids bedroom decorating

Contemporary lighting fixtures

Contemporary lighting fixtures, table lamps by QisDesign, Taiwan

The Seagull lamps are devoted to the flight seagulls. The Hatha lamps represent the concept of ​​dynamic stillness.

Contemporary lighting design ideas are inspired by various objects, like a compass or piano keys, adding the unique themes and artistic interpretations to functional lighting fixtures. The BE Light fixtures are inspired by the principles of the art of origami.

Colorful, energy efficient, modern lighting fixtures with LED lights

The lamps have interactive features that allow people to tune these contemporary lighting fixture as the owner desire and personalize interior decorating.

Room decorating with contemporary Arc floor lamps

Modern lighting fixtures, stylish lighting design ideas

Contemporary lighting design with colorful lamp shades

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