5 Lighting Design Ideas, Designer Lights for Modern Interiors

designer lighting fixtures, floor lamp with black horse

Black horse lamp with black lamp shade, unique lighting design idea


Vibia Plus Ceiling Lamps look unusual, contemporary and very stylish. The lamps can be painted in a desired color to make it blend perfectly into the ceiling designs and existing decor. The lighting design features dimmable ballasts so the light brightness can be adjusted to different scenes and create cheerful and festive or calming and romantic mood.

The Vibia Plus ceiling lamps, www.vibia.com/presents a series of interesting lighting fixtures designed by X. Claramunt and M. de Mas. Offering a diffuse and uniform light distribution, these modern lighting fixtures come in a diameter ranging from 80 cm to 120 cm (40 – 48 inches).

Unique lighting fixtures in these sizes and instantly noticeable, and create beautiful decorations for simple, lacking any interest ceiling designs. Some of the models are asymmetrical, adding fabulous accents to modern interior decorating and providing different experiences.

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Unique lighting fixtures with rotating globes

Modern lighting design ideas

Ceiling lights, hanging lamps, table lamps and floor lamps bring brightness and creative design ideas into modern interior decorating. Lushome presents designer lights that demonstrate latest trends in lighting design.

Vibia ceiling lights

Round ceiling lights, contemporary lighting fixtures

The unique lighting fixtures from the Plus Collection blend creativity in lighting design with architectural forms and offer comfortable ceiling lamps that create the effect of daylight.

The new lighting design adopts the function of a skylight, creating bright and modern interior decorating and transforming ceiling designs.

Modern bathroom design with Vibia ceiling lights

Vibia ceiling lights for interior decorating

Tip of the Tongue table lamps

This spherical table lamps are balancing on the edges of their stands and look very playful, unusual and pleasant. The unique lighting design by London based Michael Anastassiades features an attractive cylindrical base and a glowing sphere. This modern table lamps challenge traditional symmetry, adding more interest to interior decorating.

Glowing globe balancing on the edge of its brass base

The table lamps are made of a milky white glass and a shiny brass base. These unique lighting fixtures can be used as floor lamps also, but they look especially spectacular on side tables at night. The unique lighting design is elegant and versatile. It can complement any interior decorating style, and will look in classic and modern home interiors.

Modern lighting design with white glass globe lamp shades

Unique lighting design, table lamp with brass base

Portable flexible lamps Kangaroo

This small lamp is convenient and innovative. The lighting design idea is from design studio Banana Things. The flexible lamp features 24 built-in LED lights that allow it to fit into a bag in any size. The designers create the original portable lamp to use anywhere, day and night. It is perfect for reading a book, writing or camping. This lighting design idea allows to take the lamp anywhere you go.

Flexible portable lamp Kangaroo

The small portable lamp has a few modes and a battery designed for 2.5 hours of continuous work. The portable lamp can be easily recharged from a laptop using its USB- port. Flexible portable lamp can be operated in continuous wave mode, flicker and pulsate with different frequency, changing the light intensity and saving energy.

Small portable lamp with 24 built-in LED lights

Unique lighting design ideas

Unique lighting design idea, contemporary globe lamps

Black horse floor lamp, designer lights

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  last updated: 28.05.2014


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