Styling Interior Design and Home Decor with Unique and Modern Accents

modern i nterior design and decor ideas, unusual frniture, lights and bright room colors

Unique and modern living room design, decor and lighting fixtures


Modern interior design and home decor are about comfort, functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal. Home interiors that are easy to clean, inviting, pleasant and beautiful can be created with the right furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Modern accents that blend well with functional and comfortable furniture pieces enhance modern interior design and help style home interiors creating gorgeous rooms.

Modern accents are an important part of stylish interior design and decor. Small details, fresh material combinations and decorative elements turn functional furniture and lighting fixtures into spectacular, interesting and impressive. Lushome brings this inspiring collection of fresh, creative and modern interior design and home decor ideas to encourage readers to design amazing, one-of-a-kind, novel and beautiful rooms.

Even a single modern furniture piece can brighten up home decor. A modern lighting fixture can make it look alive and feel exciting or unique. Do not be afraid to experiment with room colors, furniture design or upholstery fabrics, decoration patterns and lighting fixtures. All home decor items that are creative and unusual add personality to your rooms and make them more attractive.

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Modern accents for interior design and decor

Modern accents for stylish interior design and decor, unique furniture and lighting fixtures

Home accents and modern furniture, decorative fabrics and lighting fixtures can transform existing home interiors and add style to modern interior design and decor in no time. Creative wall shelves, bookcases, storage cabinets, chairs, wall mirrors, decorative pillows, wall clocks and arts, accent tables and modern lighting fixtures are great for bringing personality into modern home interiors.

A dry, dull and lifeless home interiors can be easily turned into something alive, vibrant, novel and chic. New pieces of modern furniture and lighting fixtures, or small home accents that are unusual and stylish are perfect for quick room makeovers.

Unique and modern living room design, decor and lighting fixtures

Designer pieces make wonderful centerpieces for modern interior design and decor. An ordinary living room will have a sophisticated and stylish look if it is accented with a unique furniture item or original wall art. Interesting modern furniture and lighting fixtures, small decor accents and fabric patterns can add a contemporary flair or unique vintage charm to interior design and decor.

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Modern chairs, designer lights, creative vases, wallpaper patterns and decorative fabrics are fantastic ways to decorate your room in style. Experimenting with square, cube and rectangular shapes, mixing room colors and textures allow to create truly personal, appealing and modern interior design and decor.

Perforated chair in black color, adding modern accents to interior design and decor

Interesting modern accents look amazing, blending novelty with surprising elegance that bring unique style into modern home interiors. Many of these pieces are affordable and would not hurt your budget, while creating one-of-a-kind, contemporary or vintage home decor.

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Putting modern accents in your home interiors change rooms and add something sophisticated and elegant to interior design All you need is a little imagination, patience and inspiration to transform your home decor with unique and modern accents.

Lace bedding and classic wallpaper patterns, adding modern accents to home decor in vintage style
Creative modern interior design, living room furniture and wall decoration
Modern lighting fixture with 3d textural lamp shade in white color
Unique furniture design, colorful and creative upholstery fabric for modern chair
Modern chairs adding stylish accents to interior design and decor

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