Modern Color Trends 2013 for Interior Design and Decor from Pantone Color Design Team

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colorful living room design
Modern color trends 2013, colorful living room design



Modern color trends 2013 bring beautiful hues suggested by Pantone color design experts. The offered color combinations are a way to create impressive and comfortable interiors bringing the magic of color into homes. Modern color design leads to high sales in the marketplace, and revive, soothe, and style the living spaces. Trendy interior design and decor ideas and modern color combinations can transform any spaces into stylish and lush homes.

Skillfully balanced color design 2013 offers modern hue combinations to satisfy people aspirations. Current color palette reflects needs and hopes for something novel and pleasantly surprising. Current color trends help designers and decorators select the right room colors for every space and create a fresh interior design with attractive architectural elements and gorgeous home e furnishings.

The nine color trends for modern interior design and decor in 2013 are exciting, innovative, and bold. They offer these nine decor themes: Connoisseur, Glamour, New Old School, Rugged Individuals, Extracts, Footprints, Sojourn, Surface Treatments and Out of the Ordinary, each of them is perfect for comfortable, unique, and modern interior design.

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Vibrant blue and pink interior decorating, paint colors and modern color trends

Modern interior colors 2013

Color trends 2013 for modern interior design and decor

Connoisseur is mysterious and fascinating. The interior design color palette takes a fresh approach to fine and elegant home decorating blending comfortable brown colors with pinkish and purple color tones.

The modern color combination includes monochromatic violets and orchid hues, liquid pink, deep mahogany, off-whites, beechnut green and elegant gray tones. White, champagne beige, and silver gray color tones are perfect for beautiful backgrounds and neutral accents.

Purple-gray color palette, Connoisseur interior design colors
Modern decorative accessories in purple and silver gray color tones

Glamour home decorating color palette is a reflection of the Art Deco style with a contemporary touch. The color combination is personal, classy, and intimate. Rich colors are inspired by the bygone era, bringing Rio red, Monaco blue, black, chinchilla, ethereal gray, and jasper teal into modern homes. The color palette can add chic and glimmer to any room, blending sophisticated black with champagne beige or silver gray color tones.

Modern interior design color palette Glamour
Dark turquoise blue paint and green pillows for modern living room decorating, red accents

New Old School is a creative blend of traditional and contemporary interior design colors. This combination adds a modern twist to a classic decorating and celebrates the elegant palette typically found in iconic flags and banners. Ribbon red, bright white, green, and blue colors look familiar. Navy blue, ultramarine green, and gray color tones draw a visible link to the spectacular contrasts between the old world and new interior design and decor ideas.

Classic room colors, New Old School decorating color palette
Classic red, blue, and green interior colors combined with black and white decorating ideas, modern color trends 2013

Rugged Individuals is a soft and pleasant color combination which encourages and inspires to use natural hues of the prairie. Weathered wood, leather, and animal hides bring comfort into relaxing, country style interiors, and reunite generations. Sienna hues blend with the classic color palette that includes vintage indigo and stonewashed blue jeans.

Muted color palette Rugged Individuals
Modern interior color trends 2013, natural wood brown colors and soft, colorful accents
Modern color palette for textiles and home fabrics
Modern soft brown color palette, decorating trends 2013

Extracts are a palette that brings unique color shades of spices and fruits, suggesting to use appealing scents to create pleasing and lush home decorating.  The modern color combination evokes exotic memories and seducing feel of spiced coral, melon, and apple cinnamon hues. Dusty pink and creamy whites are calming and tender. Green banana is a relaxing green color that refreshes modern interior design and decor.

Soft and tender pastel color palette, modern color trends 2013
Home fabrics and accessories in orange color and coral shades
Modern color design trends 2013 and home decorating ideas with pink and orange color shades

Footprints interior colors lead to vibrant, cheerful, and optimistic color design. The bold and seductive Tangerine Tango hue adds a juicy orange color to peacock blue color tones. The romantic pink and sunny yellow colors create amazing interior decorating color combinations with warm yellow-green called Oasis. Sudan brown color shade is comfortable and pleasant, perfect for balancing the bright palette.

Bright interior colors for modern interior design in 2013
Current color trends 2013, colorful living room design
Color trends in decorating, furniture and decor accessories in Footprints color palette
Color trends 2013 in home fabrics and textiles

Sojourn is a unique color palette which looks magical and intricate. The current color combination includes wine hues, reddish purple colors, and purplish red colors. Mixing them with Rosy Glow of Foxglove and Baton Rouge Fuchsia against grayish green colors of winter moss creates spectacular, nature-inspired color combinations.

Modern pink and purple color shades combined with green and gray color
Modern color design ideas, home furniture upholstery fabrics and decor accessories in modern colors
Gray color and pink accents for modern living room decor

Surface Treatments is a highly textural trend for interior decorating with beautiful natural colors of the oceans and air. Maui Blue and Vapor Blue color tones are fresh and attractive. Off-whites and Tornado Gray color tones are ideal for bright and quiet interior design in 2013. The color palette combines light turquoise color and medal bronze creating a luxurious feel.

Gray and blue color shades, peaceful and calming color combination for interior design and decor
Modern bedroom decorating with white, gray and blue colors

Out of the Ordinary design captures the attention, surprises, and impresses. The interior colors, like Bonnie Blue, Pumpkin Orange color shades, and chocolate brown colors are alluring. Amber green and Linden Green, golden shades of yellow colors, Rosebud and bright purple color shades bring novelty and create bold, cheerful, and playful spaces.

Colorful interior design color palette, one of color trends 2013
Bright interior colors for kids room design, one of modern color design trends 2013
Bright furniture upholstery fabrics and decor accessories, modern interior colors 2013

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