Rich Blue and Pink Interior Decorating, Paint Colors and Modern Color Trends

floral design in blue and pink colors

Decorating fabric with floral design in blue and pink colors


Interior paint colors and decorating trends in 2012 bring rich color shades that symbolize comfort and stability. Rich interior paint colors and decorating accessories in romantic colors reflect the social and economic factors and offer more intimate color palette.

Choosing bright interior decorating colors, like reddish pink and pinkish orange are perfect for wallpaper or interior decorating accents. Rich blue and pink interior decorating color combination feels especially tender and luxurious, bringing beautiful contrasts into modern interiors.

Yellow color shades, from bright golden tones to yellowish brown, warm beige and classic ochre tones add softness and elegance to blue-pink interior decorating color combination. Dark and light interior paint colors, neutral and bright color tones that include off-white, beige, gray, yellow, peach, pink, orange, turquoise and blue are popular room colors for comfortable chic interior decorating in 2012.

Dulux color trends 2012, popular interior paint colors

Room color trends, home decorating materials and interior paint colors

Decorating fabric with floral design in blue and pink colors

Blue and pink color combination

This fabric Loris Zanca in blue and pink colors from DECORHOME features a classic floral pattern, but looks very modern and fresh. The color combination of light and dark blue, pink, ocher, golden yellow, dark red and grayish tones blend into stylish interior decorating color palette that celebrates modern color trends in 2012.

Room paint is a practical, quick and inexpensive way to create a dramatic change in interior decorating. Modern paint colors add freshness and stylish look to interiors. Blue and pink color combinations, brighten up with golden, light gray or white details, create gorgeous rooms that feel luxurious and unique.

Modern blue and pink color combination

Blue-pink color combination, modern interior decorating and color trends 2012

Various combinations of deep red, pinkish orange, reddish pink and blue interior decorating and paint colors are sensual and personal, impressive and modern color trends in 2012. Tender peach and pink, off-white and gray, golden yellow and ochre add softness and style to exclusive interior decorating with rich blue colors.

4 modern interior color trends 2012, interior decoration and design ideas

Modern interior decorating and color trends, how to add golden yellow decorations

Yellowish green and greenish brown colors, deep red and turquoise, lilac and deep purple color tones, neutral gray and beige enrich blue and pink color combination, balancing modern interior decorating color palette.

Blue wall paint color, golden pillows and pink accent for modern bedroom decorating

Rich blue paint colors and pink interior decorating accents

Blue and pink color combination is expressive and romantic. Rich blue paint colors bring luxurious sapphire tones into interior decorating, and accessories in pink colors add a cheerful and romantic touch.

14 modern paint colors, trendy interior paint colors

Matching interior colors, furnishings and paint color schemes

Blue paint colors and decor items in rich blue color shades create the beautiful background that emphasize soft and tender interior decorating accents in reddish pink, pinkish orange and pastel pink colors.

Blue wall paint and pink throw, peaceful, romantic and modern bedroom decorating ideas

Neutral gray, classy white and black, luxurious golden yellow color shades, combined with rich blue wall paint or home furnishings, create many interesting and unusual color combinations for modern interior decorating in 2012. Rich blue and pink color combinations offer intimate and exclusive, inspiring and pleasant room decorating color palette.

Blue wall paint color, combined with whitem gray, ochre and pink colors, modern room colors

People like their rooms look welcoming, stylish and personal. Choosing deep blue paint colors for walls, inspired by the mystery of dark nights and luxury of expensive sapphires, and adding pink and golden-yellow home furnishings are modern interior decorating and color trends for 2012.

Interior trends 2012, comfortable chic decorating ideas

Royal blue kitchen design

Elegant deep blue paint colors feel sensual and intriguing, creating comfortable and peaceful rooms with off-white, beige and pink accents. The color combination of rich blue room paint and interior decorating accessories in light gray, golden-yellow, ochre, sand and pink colors feels warm and interesting, elegant and classy.

Dark blue curtains with pink furniture and white-pink wallpaper, modern interior decorating color combination

Choosing calming and relaxing deep blue wall paint color and blending them with neutral colors, like light gray, off white or beige, or warm room colors, like golden-yellow, sand, deep red, orange and reddish brown colors are modern interior decorating and color trends 2012, that reinvent old traditional color combinations for contemporary interiors.

Rich blue, pink, ochre and white color combination, modern bedroom decor

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