4 Modern Interior Color Trends, 2012 Interior Decoration and Design Ideas

golden yellow decorations for fireplace mantel and golden shair upholsteru fabric

Modern living room with a fireplace and upholstered furniture, neutral interior color scheme


Modern color trends for interior decoration and design in 2012 include warm golden yellow color tones, sensational dark blue, green and rubby red colors, blended with classic black and elegant gray, creating modern home interior decorating ideas that look comfortable and unusual, bright and welcoming.

Exotic prints brings deep colors, creating expressive modern color trends for 2012 interior decoration and design. Ethnic patterns and rich interior colors blend into beautiful combination of eclectic and contemporary interior decorating ideas, creating gorgeous modern home interiors in fusion style.

Traditional interior design color schemes, refreshed with new design ideas, celebrate old values. Golden yellow color shades complement gray and white cream colors, adding luxury feel, comfortable chic and optimism to modern color trends for 2012 interior decoration and design.

Modern living room with a fireplace and upholstered furniture, neutral interior color scheme

4 modern color trends for 2012

– rich dark blue, green, red and purple color shades

– elegant fusion of interior colors

– timeless natural interior colors

– golden yellow colors

1. Rich dark color shades

Floral patterns and pretty designs, inspired by natural minerals, corals, fruits, vegetable, birds, plants and marine life bring pleasant color schemes for colorful and cheerful Interior decoration and design in 2012. Modern interior design trends 2012

Modern bedroom decor, creative fusion of interior colors and patterns

Cashmere and marble effect, pretentious antique and folk motifs refresh interior decorating color schemes with pale and rich color shades from olive and earthy hues to lush green, reddish purple and precious dark blue.  Pastel colors, powder pink, lavender, sky blue, mint and very light gray color shades are modern color trends 2012 that add soft touches to comfortable interior decoration and design in neutral and brown colors.

Modern interior decorating and home staging trends from Kelly Hoppen

Interior decorating color combinations that include bluish purple and gray, pinkish orange and gold, vintage wine and copper look stylish and gorgeous. Just keep in mind how each of interior colors affect the mood of the people  and choose interior decorating color scheme for your home according to the function of each room.

Modern dining room decorating with modern wallpaper, bright lighting, round wall mirror, golden yellow floor lamp, upholstered chairs and large wooden table, neutral color scheme with golden yellow accents

2.Elegant fusion of interior colors

Exciting interior decorating color combinations, inspired by Art Deco or Art Nouveau and classic decorating styles, include white and black, silver and gold, white and yellow cream, black and dark brown color shades. Enriched by modern accent colors, they are modern color trends 2012 which are prefect for creating stylish and balanced, novel and elegant interior decoration and design ideas that blend new and old traditions.

Modern interior design ideas, bright colors, wooden walls and ceiling

Light gray, white and pink-red colors, 5 color schemes

Using the symmetry of the design and emphasizing innovative interior decoration ideas, relaxing and elegant interior colors make home interiors feel breathtaking and sophisticated.

Modern kitchen design in neutral color scheme

3. Natural interior colors

Traditional interior colors return us to old values with natural fabrics, nature inspired wallpaper patterns and pleasant interior paints. In a world of new technologies and consumerism, we tend to use things once and then through them away. Natural interior colors are one of the best interior design trends for those who want to celebrate the return to nature and appreciate classic timeless interior decorating and design ideas and room decor accessories.

Organic design, modern kitchen and bathroom design ideas

Organic design and decor

Organic design and decor for modern bathroom and kitchen

The increasing demand of quality, durability and stability, especially during difficult financial circumstances and current economical crisis, calls for organic design ideas and natural interior decorating color schemes, unbleached fabrics, good quality furniture, nature inspired wallpaper patterns and traditional interior paint colors.

Contemporary interior design and light interior colors, neutral color scheme with bright accents

All tones of white, beige, blue, green and gray colors can be combined with modern light and dark purple, brick red, golden orange and forest green, warm olive and navy blue color shades. Adding personal items, unique room decor accessories in your favorite colors make the natural interior decorating color scheme to shine and your home interior decoration feel more intimate and pleasant.

4. Golden yellow colors

Optimistic and warm golden yellow tones bring comfort and luxurious chic to modern interior decoration and design in 2012. Golden yellow colors look great with cream tones and comfortable brown colors of natural wood, symbolizing happiness, improving mood and creating glamorous atmosphere. Feng Shui colors and interior decorating ideas for the Dragon Year

Golden colors and neutral interior colors, golden wreath on black for brick wall decoration

  by Ena Russ   

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