Modern Interior Decorating and Home Staging Trends for 2012 from Kelly Hoppen

living room design and decor ideas and modern interior trends


Modern interior decorating and home staging ideas from Kelly Hoppen, a famous British interior designer, look inspiring, offering beautiful room design ideas in her unique style, that capture the spirit of the East, incorporating the best of western interior design ideas. Four modern home interiors offer comfortable and modern interior decorating and home staging trends for 2012 to use, develop and enrich, creating stylish and attractive room design and decor for comfortable lifestyle or successful home sale.

Use one of four modern interiors, designed by Kelly Hoppen, for your inspiration, working on room design, interior decorating and home staging for sale projects, creating stylish interior design with unique charm and universal appeal.  Modern interior decorating ideas from Kelly Hoppen make home interiors truly comfortable and inviting, creating unique room design and decor for real people to live, work, play and enjoy better environment.

Four modern interiors include Urban, Vintage Green and Sea Breeze room design and decor trends. Urban and Vintage home interiors bring soft, pleasant and comfortable dark color tones. The symmetry in room design and decor, that create interesting contrasts with various textures, add elegance to modern interior decorating ideas in Urban and Vintage styles. Green and Sea Breeze home interiors are inspired by relaxing cottage style, emphasized by using eco friendly interior decorating ideas, natural materials and light colors tones.

Modern interior design trends 2012

Interior design trends 2012, comfortable chic decorating ideas

Room design trends, modern console tables for interior decorating

Four modern interior decorating and home staging trends to use in 2012

Urban room design and decor look classic, luxurious, but comfortable and unpretentious. Natural stone, dark wood floor, plaster and beautifull textiles balance interior decorating and home staging design. Shiny nickel finish and bronze handicrafts add chic to modern room and decor ideas in Urban style with silver and golden colors. Muted tones and repeatition of motifs create the atmosphere of timeless elegance and charm.

Vintage room design and decor ideas are inspired by nature and history, that blend the luxury of eclectic interior design style with old traditions and contemporary comfort. The combination of wood and black granite, striking marble and bronze, antique room decor accessories and luxurious silk fabric, colorful glass and natural stone create intimate and warm room design and decor.

Contemporary bedroom interior design trends for 2012

Modern kitchen design trends 2012

Green interior decorating and home staging trend are inspired by nature and eco friendly ideas. Stylish interior design color pallete includes modern light colors, like earthy tones, soft white shades and trendy golden colors of bronze finish.


Natural materials and neutral interior design color palette emphasize  the simplicity of modern home interiors, creating lived in feel with unbleached home decor fabrics and soft carpets. Green room design and decor style is warm and cozy, and offers modern interior decorating and home staging ideas for those who appreciate the unique atmosphere of comfortable and inviting country homes.

Modern bathrooms, 8 bathroom design trends 2012

Wall lights and table lamps, modern room design trends 2012

Sea Breeze room design and decor ideas feel rejuvenating and fresh. Airy, bright and breezy, modern interior decorating and home staging ideas include light wood and natural home decor fabrics, cotton and linen. Inspired by driftwood and beach pebbles, lacquered oak and glass in light brown, gray and bluish colors create vacation like atmosphere and cottage feel.

Modern interior decorating and home staging ideas from Kelly Hoppen for Yoo

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Dining room chairs and stools are an important element of attractive and comfortable room decorating. Modern furniture design adds more style to dining room decorating, blending traditions and fresh ideas for eco homes.

Tulips are edible flowers that add a unique flavor to meals. Floral arrangements with tulips are meaningful table decorating ideas. A mix of color and greenery are perfect for bright table centerpiece ideas.

Cork furniture pieces are eco friendly products that are comfortable and practical. Contemporary furniture design ideas combine cork and wood for creating attractive room decor items for modern eco homes.

Winter themed food design, bright colors and creative dinner table decorations, that guests are happy to taste, are an important part of creating New Years Eve party table decor.


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