Organic Design and Decor, Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Ideas from Tobi Fairley

natural materials and light paint colors for modern organic interior design


Organic design and decor offer modern kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas that create simple and elegant home interiors. Your kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be inspired by stylish organic design and decor ideas from an American interior decorator Tobi Fairley, that help make modern kitchens and bathrooms light and spacious, functional and luxurious.

Organic design style was born in US and defined by an American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. According to his definition of organic design and decor, the house architecture and interior decorating should create harmony with the surrounding landscape. Organic design and interior decorating style emphasizes the natural link between man and nature.

Organic home staging and modern interior decorating blend house design and decor with the outdoors, creating comfortable living spaces where people can relax and enjoy nature inspired design and decorating ideas. Organic design enrich modern kitchens and bathrooms interiors with pleasant and light neutral and brown color schemes, natural or eco friendly and recycled materials, peaceful atmosphere and unique charm.

Organic design and decor ideas

Organic design ideas, interior decorating and home staging tips from experts

Modern interior decorating and home staging trends for 2012 from Kelly Hoppen

Louis Sullivan, the father of Modernism and famous architect, said that form follows function. Creative organic design and decor ideas emphasize the importance of practical solutions, functional interior decorating and comfort before aesthetics in the world of design, highlighting natural interior decorating concepts, harmonious design ideas, natural materials, soft, almost neutral and brown colors and decorating themes, inspired by the nature.

Organic kitchen and bathroom renovating incorporates  natural textures, materials, textiles, furniture and room decor accessories. Soft and light neutral and brown colors create attractive combinations with sky blue, off white tones of clouds, mint, lavender, olive yellow, willow green and rich earthy tones, creating tranquil, inviting and charming modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Organic kitchens and bathrooms design ideas

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas for creating organic design starts with your house architecture and comfortable layout. Ideally organic kitchens and bathrooms would have large windows with a beautiful countryside view, a garden with trees, forest, wild flower field or an ocean beach. If you want to create an organic design and decor in your city house, it is a good ideas to isolate your kitchen and bathroom interiors from the noise and busy urban landscape.

Walls with windows near the ceiling allow light to brighten up modern kitchens and bathrooms, creating secluded and peaceful living spaces in organic design and decor style. Fewer interior walls between rooms that separate kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, create a sense of freedom and unity of living spaces. Glass walls and door inserts increase the effect.

In suburban homes, surrounded by gardens or large yards, the exterior walls of modern kitchens and bathrooms should have large windows that make the landscape a part of the interior design and decor. Natural materials, like stone and wood, light neutral and brown colors create attractive organic design and interior decorating with sky blue and off white tones of clouds. Mint, lavender, olive yellow, willow green and rich earthy tones look gorgeous with the garden or natural landscape, creating beautiful modern kitchens and bathrooms that feel spacious and natural.

Organic design, modern kitchen and bathroom design ideas from Meridith Hamilton

Organic design and decor, modern bathroom and kitchen ideas from Scott Paterek

Modern kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas from Tobi Fairley

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