Space Saving Interior Design and Decorating, Small Apartment Ideas for Single Girls

modern interior redesign and decorating ideas
Decorating small apartments with color and pattern and texture, living room furniture

Creative and beautiful, space saving interior design and decorating ideas are an important topic for many people who live in tiny homes and small apartments. Lushome shares this wonderful project by Minha Casa that demonstrates modern ideas for decorating small apartments and turning small spaces into an attractive home for Libya Cavalca.

Colorful and comfortable, space saving interior design and decorating ideas efficiently use available and valuable spaces. This project gives great inspirations and can be interesting for you if you want to redesign your small apartment or room. The 28 sq m (301 sq ft) apartment looks very inviting, stylish and functional.

A creative approach to the small space planning zoning and good furniture placement create very beautiful and comfortable homes. The project proves that interior design and decorating small apartments can look spacious and modern, offering comfortable and pleasant living spaces that are cozy and easy to clean.

21 loft beds in different styles, space saving ideas for small rooms

3 small apartment ideas creating multifunctional and modern interior design

Small apartment ideas for 28 sq.m living area

Decorating small apartments with color and pattern and texture, living room furniture

Before the interior redesign rooms were cramped, dark and uncomfortable. Libya decided to make all small repairs, redesign and redecorate this small apartment, bringing personality into interior design and decorating.

There is no limit for renovating and decorating small apartments for single persons. Modern interior design and decorating small apartments for a single girl is fun. Libya got rid of some walls opening small spaces and redesigned the space between her bedroom and kitchen.

Small kitchen design and decorating ideas

This small apartment has no a traditional living room. Libya decided to have a full bed instead of the formal living room, placing a colorful sofa, a large bed and a small home office in the same room and creating multifunctional, comfortable and contemporary interior design.

Ideas for decorating small apartments with French elegance and bright room colors

Ideas for decorating small apartments with cool colors

The kitchen was stretches with a fridge niche in front of a bathroom, making the kitchen interior 1.5 times larger and more comfortable. Opening the living room and kitchen allowed to create a comfortable dining area.

Small home office design

Tips for decorating small apartments

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge also, but using light neutral colors and soft shapes it is easy to create comfortable and bright small spaces. To soften the cold white walls, Libya added many bright accents that bring life into small interior design. There are a lot of yellow color which attracts the attention and spruce up interior decorating.

Small apartment ideas in Scandinavian style, small budget interior design

Romantic interior decorating ideas for single girls

Natural light and modern lighting fixtures are important elements of small interior design and decorating small apartments. Windows and traditional sconces, chandeliers and colorful Chinese lanterns help create airy and beautiful small spaces.

Small bedroom design

A small bathroom feels functional and comfortable. Space-saving furniture, bright blue wall tiles, red and yellow color accents and attractive painting ideas, that blend white decorating with turquoise blue color, make this small bathroom appear spacious, cheerful and modern.

Storage furniture for decorating small apartments
Small bathroom design
Glass door shower design and wall painting ideas
Small storage spaces for decorating small apartments
Interior redesign plan

  by Ena Russ   

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