Smart Eco Homes from Honda, Autonomous Energy Efficient City of the Future

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solar panels on roof

Solar panels on roof, smart eco homes for green living


Smart eco homes with energy efficient control systems from Honda are set to be tested in spring 2012. Japanese car manufacturing company has signed an agreement with the city of Saitama for participation in the E-Kizuna project, which means in Japanese the connection between people.

The design of smart eco friendly houses with energy efficient control systems are a part of the project that includes testing the urban use of electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric scooters. Smart eco homes and energy saving green building technology, eco friendly vehicles and contemporary control systems are popular green ideas that protect the environment.

ThreesSmart eco homes, equipped with a special control system Honda Smart Home System (HSHS) that are planned for the construction in spring are demonstrated to the public. Smart eco friendly houses, designed for efficient energy consumption, provide owners with personal energy sources.

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Energy efficient smart eco friendly houses for green living

Autonomous energy efficient modern houses with energy management systems

The autonomous energy system will provide energy for a single family home and is especially useful in times of natural disasters or during frequent power outages.

Combining all energy management systems of a single family home and a car into one network provides home owners with a unique opportunity to control energy costs, reduce the energy waste and decrease the levels of CO2 emissions, saving the environment.

Eco homes and cars united in one network for energy saving

In spring of 2012, Honda will construct and test the smart eco homes system in Saitama. A comprehensive energy management system features several Honda-developed green building and energy production technologies, like a gas engine cogeneration unit and a solar power system.

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Honda smart eco homes systems will provide heat and electricity for the home, producing power for the use of electromotive mobility. The new green technology and energy management system will reduce household and mobility CO2 emissions ad energy waste, presenting E-Kizuna smart eco homes for eco friendly contemporary lifestyle.

Solar panels on roof, smart eco homes for green living

E-Kizuna green ideas to support eco friendly house designs

The HSHS installed in the demonstration test eco friendly house consists of CIGS thin-film solar cell panels, a home battery unit (rechargeable battery), household gas-engine cogeneration unit and hot-water supply system, and the Smart e Mix Manager.

The Smart e Mix Manager, the core of the HSHS, is a comprehensive energy management device for controlling the electricity supplied from the commercial grid and generated by each energy device that composes the system. The Smart e Mix Manager reduces CO2 emissions from the home and provides a backup supply of electricity so that the house can be self-sufficient in the event of a power outage or disaster.

Honda plans to continue testing smart eco homes energy management systems HSHS in several buildings until 2018.

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Eco friendly green building with old empty bottles

Autonomous energy efficient city of the future

-creating the disaster-resistant city of the future with the help of a variety of energy supplies, smart eco home systems and electric vehicles;
– enhancing access to electric vehicles and creating ev-related business models;
– creating independent home communities focused on local energy production and consumption;
– developing household energy systems that can operate in the event of a disaster.

Eco friendly house designs for energy efficient city of the future

Electric charging safety net

– identifying electric charging infrastructure appropriate for the unique characteristics of the city of saitama;
– maintaining compatibility between current charging infrastructure and electric vehicles developed in the future;
– using solar panels and fuel cells to supply energy;
– promoting the shared use of electric scooters and automobiles for private and commercial use;
– developing a wide variety of electric vehicles to meet citizens’ needs.

Living room with energy efficient fireplace

Educational initiatives to support green living ideas

– implementing riding safety seminars featuring electric scooters.
– implementing electric cart seminars for seniors.

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