Pigs Accents Bringing Charming Country Home Themes and Humor into Modern Interior Decorating

decorative pillows
Charming pig and piglet pillows


Modern interior decorating ideas change a bit every year. 2019 is the year of the Pig, according to the Chinese zodiac, and pigs accents get popular for home decorating. Pigs are fresh, country-home decorating theme, full of humor, charm, and friendliness. Pigs home decorations are a new idea giving every home a feeling of the countryside. Wood crafts create a rustic atmosphere. The farm animals theme brings a vibe of relaxing country-home decorating into modern dwellings, and pigs decorations are perfect for giving a touch of a country style to any room.

Mini pigs are lovely pets. Piglet decorations, piggy banks, wood crafts, appliques on pillows, and paintings on the walls, – there are numerous ways to add country-home embellishments to your dwelling. Inspired by the friendly animals, pigs accents make people smile when they enter their homes. If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy the farm animal theme and decorate your home with pigs images, check out the Lushome collection of creative, simple, and beautiful designs, ideal for the Pig year decorating.

How to Feng Shui your home interiors in the year of the Earth Pig

Pig bench and chair with leather cushions, unique furniture design ideas

Mini pigs home redesign ideasĀ  for safety and fun

Pig decorations

Woodcrafts, handmade home decorations for the year of the pig

Look at beautiful interior colors that you can use interior design. Creamy white, pale pink, light gray tones are attractive color hues that may work for your home interiors.

Pigs Christmas decorations, modern country Christmas decorating themes

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Beautiful interior design ideas welcoming roosters into your home

Two piglets, creamy white and pink color inspiration
Mini pigs, pets

Piggy home decorations offer fabulous ways to refresh existing interior design and increase its aesthetic value while bringing humor into decorating. The warmth and simplicity of country home decorating give a relaxing feel to a modern dwelling. Pigs designs come in many styles. Small pig accents are one great option to start exploring the country home decorating themes.

Piggy bank, smiling pig design

Unique furniture, decorative accessories, wall art, and crafts show endless possibilities to explore the pig theme blending the country home decorating ideas with other styles and personalizing modern rooms.

Lucky yellow color, pig pot for plants
Charming pig and piglet pillows
Unique furniture design, Pig bench
Pig organizer and vase for flower arrangements
Ham on Wheel restaurant, wall decoration
Wall stickers for kids room decorating
Flying pig wall clock in red
Unique furniture, pig table, Moooi Animals
Fabric prints, pigs pillows
Wall art, pig poster
Golden home decorations, pigs attracting good luck in the year of the Earth Pig

  by Ena Russ   

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