Modular Furniture for Small Rooms and Office Designs in Style

modern interior design with modular furniture

Modern interior design with modular furniture system Smallrooms


Modern furniture for small rooms decorating allows to create spacious and functional living spaces in elegant style and defines your interior design with contemporary textures and trendy room colors. The Smallroom collection of modern furniture pieces from OFFECCT, is a great solution for decorating small apartments and offices.

Designed by Ineke Hans, this modular furniture system includes three major items, – wall partitions, which can be used as room dividers, sofas and chairs, and a rectangular units with a horizontal working surface. Small parts and accessories help personalize modern furniture and interior design, and create beautiful small rooms in various colors.

The Smallroom Collection is a nice way to add functionality and style to large and small spaces and define interior design stylishly and comfortably. Room dividers and wall partitions are wonderful for creating a cozy seating area, a private workspace or a mini conference room. A combination of partitions can transform a large open space into a few personal units for modern office design, boosting the productivity and creativity of the entire workplace.

Modular furniture system for office designs

Modern interior design with modular furniture system Smallrooms

Modern furniture, single chairs or sofas are stylishly designed and offer versatile rectangular shapes that are comfortable and inviting.

The Smallroom is the modular furniture system that allows to create small home office and large open space office designs in a contemporary and ergonomic way. Once your modular furniture set is set-up, you are free to adjust it, increase and modify your interior design and decor.

Modular furniture system for large open spaces and small rooms

Modular furniture design ideas are functional and flexible. Modular furniture sets revolutionize interior design and decorating of large offices and small working spaces at home, adding beautiful, functional and comfortable furniture items to bright and flexible interior design.

Modular furniture design idea creates customized modern chairs

Modern interior design for students with modular furniture on wheels

Wooden wall shelves adding modern design to modular furniture

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  last updated: 08.10.2016


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