Modular Furniture Brutopia Masterly Blends Raw and Traditional Designs

round table concrete wood

Round table, concrete-wood top, concrete base


Modular furniture is contemporary and stylish. The tables and shelves Brutopia show a contemporary blend of heavy elements, modular design, and monument-like forms. Unicuo Living envisioned modern interior furniture pieces that reflect Brutalism and marry it with traditional design style. Basic shapes like the circle and square are mixed beautifully into the furniture design.

Contemporary concrete and wood are materials that perfectly suit the designs. A warm feeling of beautiful beech wood and a contemporary look of an artisanal concrete mix turn the tables into the original and stylish furniture.  Traditional carpentry adds friendly touches to the pieces, transforming them into contemporary artworks.

Playful modular furniture, design for modern living rooms

Prism-shaped cushions, modular furniture design

Contemporary kitchens from Snaidero, modular furniture

Contemporary modular shelving systems

Modular units creating contemporary furniture

Concrete-wood furniture


Contemporary design, modular furniture

The three pieces – Cantilever, Radial, and Raiz – are different but naturally matching. Their fused base creates a sense of unity and ties three pieces together. The modular furniture creates new arrangements depending upon the available space.

Wood furniture, crafty design
Round table, concrete-wood top, concrete base
Wood top, concrete base, modern table

  by Ena Russ   

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