Wooden Wall Shelves Adding New Modern Design to Modular Furniture

modern storage shelving system
Wooden wall shelving system from Henrybuilt


Opencase Wall System by Henrybuilt are beautiful metal and wooden wall shelves and boxes that can create various combinations and decorate empty walls in elegant style. The wooden wall shelving system is a nice example of convenient and contemporary modular home furniture that allows to personalize interior decorating.

Durable metal and wooden wall shelves are versatile and suitable for decorating any room. The wooden wall shelving system from www.henrybuilt.com/opencase/ can be used as a modular office furniture set, kitchen wall shelves or storage furniture for bedroom, competed with wooden boxes and storage bags made of fabrics.

Modular home furniture is a highly functional, convenient and attractive choice for modern interior decorating. The Opencase Wall System stands apart from the traditional modular office furniture sets and regular storage shelving, showing unique, handcrafted and modern design that improves functionality and aesthetic appeal of interior decorating while offering great flexibility.

Modular home furniture, wall shelving systems

Wooden wall shelving system from Henrybuilt

Adjustable wooden wall shelves and boxes will look gorgeous in contemporary home interiors, offices and traditional rooms, urban apartments or country homes. The wooden wall shelving system comes with a set of specialized components which allow to adapt this modern design to existing architectural features and create beautiful wall displays.

The carefully crafted details include steel, solid wood and leather fittings and pieces sculpted from solid composite panels. The wall panels are available in any size from 21 to 48 inch wide and from 18 to 96 inch tall.

Wooden wall shelves for modern interior decorating

The Opencase Wall System looks simple, and elegant, blending functionality and beauty of modern design with traditional wood and new contemporary technologies.

Modular shelving, modern design and wall decorating ideas

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Adjustable shelves, modular shelving ideas and creative storage solutions for small spaces

The wooden wall shelving system is innovative, but familiar and pleasant, offering functionality and style for modern interior decorating.

Wooden wall shelves, wooden boxes and storage bags made of fabrics
Metal wall shelving system

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