Pros and Cons of Modular Furniture for Kitchen Design by IKEA

modular kitchen cabinets with flat fronted doors
Modern kitchen design with modular furniture and contemporary lighting


Modular furniture is one of modern design trends that allows to create flexible and functional interiors while personalizing work or living spaces. Modular furniture for kitchens by IKEA is a short cut to your new kitchen design and a quick room makeover. Modular kitchen cabinets and shelves is a great way to get a new kitchen look which fits your kitchen layout.

Lushome presents new kitchen design ideas with modular kitchen furniture, cabinets with flat-fronted doors, organized drawers and kitchen shelves. You need to choose handles or knobs for your kitchen cabinets and add worktops, a sink, a tap and modern kitchen appliances to create unique and beautiful new kitchen design.

Modular kitchen furniture from IKEA is great for price conscious people who like contemporary look of functional and simple kitchens. IKEA kitchen cabinets are economical and stylish. Modular kitchen cabinets is a convenient and cheap way to get the size and style of kitchen design you want.

Modern kitchen design trends and small kitchen colors

New kitchen design with modular furniture, Italian kitchen

Modern kitchen cabinets to customize and style kitchen interiors

Modular kitchen design

Modern kitchen design with modular furniture and contemporary lighting

Modular kitchen design is functional and modern. Completely modular kitchen cabinets by IKEA offer various configurations and adapt to your kitchen design. These kitchen furniture give a contemporary and sleek look to your home. The kitchen cabinets are frameless and feature flat-fronted doors.

Kitchen cabinets material

Colorful modular kitchen cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets are made of particle board. The low cost of these cabinets and their material make some people skeptical about purchasing, but most off cabinet systems are made of particle board also.

White kitchen cabinets made of particle board

Getting cabinet-grade plywood is a more expensive choice, but plywood is not actually superior material. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are the beat solution for modern kitchen design. They are beautiful, durable but expensive. They may cost tens of thousands of dollars, while IKEA sells cheap and functional kitchen cabinets with great design and high-quality hardware.

Modern kitchen storage and organization, drawers

Modular kitchen cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets from IKEA blend the functionality, style, eco friendly design and low cost.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets with flat fronted doors

1. The modular kitchen design ideas have no borders, and allow to plan any kitchen layout while maximizing valuable small spaces.

Elegant design of kitchen cabinets with larger storage spaces

2. Modular furniture personalize modern kitchen design and create truly comfortable kitchen interiors.

Modular furniture with comfortable kitchen storage spaces

3. The kitchen cabinets look contemporary and elegant, especially with LED lighting design  demonstrating a clever way of hiding cables and operating remotely.

Remote control for kitchen lighting

4. Kitchen cabinets drawers are soft closing, functional and comfortable, designed to create perfect storage spaces for each kitchen design. Kitchen cabinets drawers can be equipped with accessories that divide storage spaces and organize kitchen design.

Modular kitchen cabinets with storage accessories

5. Easy installation is a plus.

Easy installation of modular cabinets and shelves

6. Kitchen cabinets from IKEA are examples of attractive and stylish sustainable design. LED lighting uses 85 % less energy than regular bulbs, and kitchen appliances are water efficient and energy saving.

Functional and modern kitchen design with colorful cabinets and large kitchen island
Modular furniture for modern kitchen design

  by Ena Russ   

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