Modern Wallpaper Designs Bringing Juicy Fruits Themes and Aromas

citrus fruits prints

Citrus flavored wallpaper with oranges, bathroom design


Modern wallpaper ideas, inspired by fruits are perfect for summer decorating and offer fabulous ways of creating bright home interiors.  Juicy fruits are spectacular decorating themes, ideal for modern kitchens, dining areas, and kids rooms. Fruit wallpaper patterns are trendy enough to design an accent wall or adorn all walls in any spaces.

Lushome intends to inspire you with black and white wallpaper designs, vibrant colors, and wallpaper patterns in pastels. Add delicious apples, pears, pineapples, bananas, berries, and citrus fruits on the beautiful wallpapers to your interior design. Cherries and strawberries or exotic fruits add unique accents to your rooms.

Fruit wallpaper designs

Fruit decorating theme, modern wallpapers

Fruit wallpaper patterns are playful, beautiful, and surprising. Beautiful wallpapers come in a variety of designs and colors. Favored wallpaper designs with fragrance oils, hand-applied to the paper, are the innovative designs from Flavor Wallpaper, which increase the bold effect of beautiful prints. When you scratch the wallpaper, you pop open the tiny capsules and release the fruity smell.

Fruit themed decorations, ideas, accessories

Christmas tree themes, fruit ornaments in retro styles

Contemporary fruit bowls

Pear and apple decor ideas

Room colors inspired by pears and apples

Fruit sculptures, outdoor home decorating

A fruit pattern in black and white or pastels is the perfect backdrop for furnishings in any room. Scented wallpaper designs and bright colors can infuse energy into office designs and add a surprising element and excitement to kids playroom ideas.

Fruit flavored wallpapers

Yellow bananas on green wallpaper, design via Flavor Paper
Citrus flavored wallpaper with oranges, bathroom design
Red cherry wallpaper pattern, scented designs from Flavor Paper

Fruit prints

Blue wallpaper with black fruits
Colorful wallpaper, living room design
Black wallpaper with yellow pineapples
White and green wallpaper with pears and apples
Dining room decorating in white and red

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