Modern Tables Blending Natural Wood and Flower Petal Shape into Unique Furniture Design

wooden tables with petal shaped tops

Stained wood tables with petal shaped tops


Petal Table from Manulution is designed by Salih Teskeredzic. The modern tables feature wonderful details and amazing traditional traditional craftsmanship that turn them into true home decorations.

These unique furniture pieces from Manulution, look charming, tender and pleasant, blending wooden texture, creative design ideas with nature inspired shapes. unique design. THe table design allows to add or subtract petals, customizing the unique furniture items and creating surprising and attractive tables.

The dark walnut stain and symmetrical four petal model of these modern tables look fabulous, bringing unique furniture design in the 70s retro style into interior decorating.

Modern sofa inspired by flowers, creative living room furniture design idea

Blooming table lamps inspired by flowers, unique lighting design idea

Flower petal tables

Stained wood tables with petal shaped tops

Rich colors and wooden texture turn these modern tables into striking centerpieces, ideal for creative and stylish, interesting and unusual interior decorating. Beautiful lime and grape purple colors add chic to these unique furniture items.

Details bring elegance and chic into the art of decor, enhancing modern interior decorating with fabulous furniture design elements. These modern tables are romantic and elegant, attractive and very decorative, while providing versatile and functional furniture for any room.

Flower inspired wooden table, unique furniture design idea

Each wooden table with flower petal details can enrich any interior decorating and create spectacular centerpieces individually or paired with a table in a different color.

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Amazing crafted wood lighting inspired by flower petals

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 17.01.2014

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