55 Spectacular Floral Designs, Inspiring Ideas for Decorating with Flowers

elegant flower bouquet
Elegant flower arrangement



Contemporary floral designs create gorgeous displays of natural materials, inspiring creative ideas for decorating with flowers and making eco gifts. Modern floral designs show spectacular flower arrangements with green accents and create artworks in a meaningful and beautiful way. Floral design is the art of arranging flowers, branches, green leaves, moss, tree bark, and other natural materials so that the result conveys an emotion or feeling that is more than the sum of its parts.

The barriers to learning how to create floral designs are typically very minimal. You have to enjoy working with natural materials and like to experiment with creating beautiful flower arrangements. No special training or education is required to enter the floral design field, make home decorations, unique eco gifts for your friends and family.

How to create spring flower arrangements, home decorations, eco gifts

Easter flower arrangements, color symbolism

Exotic flower arrangements, home decorating ideas in Japanese style

Floral art and design

Original floral arrangement with butterflies decorations

The world of floral art and design is vibrant and captivating. Creativity and appreciation of nature come together to form genuinely unique flower arrangements and artistic masterpieces. A passion for beautiful flowers and a  free spirit of a designer are enough to start enjoying working with natural materials and turning them into one-of-a-kind artworks.

Carrot and flower arrangements, creative table centerpieces

How to create floral arrangements in shallow vases, beautiful table decorations

Creative flower arrangements, Mothers’ Day gifts, table centerpieces

If you appreciate original and contemporary floral designs, here is the Lushome collection of beautiful flower arrangements to enjoy and get inspired.

Unique floral design idea, teapot floral arrangement
Art of floral arrangements
Original flower arrangement with berries
Contemporary floral design
Wood slice floral design
Elegant flower arrangement

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