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Sofa with transforming elements Fiori Divano is inspired by beautiful purple lily flowers. Attractive appearance and functionality, soft curvy shape and transforming design make this sofa a unique furniture piece that looks like a modern artwork, while proving contemporary comfort.

Fiori Divano is a gorgeous furniture design ideas from Russian designer Albina Basharova. Repeating the shape of the flower petals, the sofa Fiori Divano looks feminine, stylish and very decorative. Women will love this unique furniture piece, and men will find the sofa design idea very cute, enjoying the beautiful form, inspired by nature.

Tender and elegant flower opens and closes its charming petals. The recline sofa converts into a comfortable couch, while the open petals give an additional support to the back, serve as armrest and offer a convenient stand for a laptop, a magazine or a book.

Modern sofa, glowing design idea from the ocean floor

Modern sofa Free Flow, sectional furniture design

Lily flower inspired modern sofa in purple color

Lily flower inspired modern sofa in purple color with closed petals, nature inspired living room furniture design idea

Plants and flowers are great inspirations for designers that delight customers-women, adding organic shapes and natural colors to modern living room designs. The romantic sofa project was focused on women as they are main buyers of home furnishings, including living room furniture and accessories, everywhere in the world.

Stylish rich color tones, – deep purple and fresh green colors, combined with soft sofa pillows in white cream, feel pleasant and exciting, offering the rest in style. Deep purple and fresh green colors are striking and harmonious, white cream color tones make this sofa design brighter. Simple and elegant legs are almost invisible, creating the floating in the air living room furniture piece that creates a strong artistic statement.

Modern sofa in purple color with a stamen-like lamp, unique living room furniture design idea

This modern sofa has a comfortable back and a soft cozy seat. Its back can take two positions, – one at 90 degrees is perfect for sitting and another at 120 degrees for reclining. Petals shapes can be changes according to the needs of the user. Sofa petals can serve as a stand for a laptop or can form a cozy cocoon-like enclosure.

Modern sofa, top 10 living room furniture design trends

Changing color, glow in the dark furniture design trend

A stamen with an anther inspired the sofa light design. The sofa features a light fixture, enhancing the functional living room furniture design. The lamp on a flexible metal stem adds more elegance to the sofa design style. It is run by rechargeable batteries. Comfortable, elegant and functional, Fiori Divano is a striking furniture design for living rooms, offering a inviting place to read or have a conversation, unwind or watch a movies.

Modern sofa in purple color with open petals providing extra comfort for sitting

The sofa can change the mood in the living room with the lighting. In the evening, it enlightens the sofa in a soft glow, creating mysterious atmosphere and during the day it looks like a comfortable place to relax or have a conversation.

Living room sofa and chairs, modern furniture design trends

Recamier in modern living rooms

Lily flowers inspired Fiori Divano is available in beige, creamy white, black and purple colors. The sofa brings romantic mood, classy or stylish rich colors and natural shapes into interiors, offering an eye catching focal point for modern living room designs.

  by Ena Russ   

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