Modern Sofa, Top 10 Living Room Furniture Design Trends

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Selecting a modern new sofa for your living room design is an important step that add more style, comfort and trendy colors to your beautiful home. Modern sofas, that come in various colors, bring classic and new living room furniture design trends into modern homes for creating attractive and functional room design and decor, whether for fresh interior decorating, cozy room design or staging home interiors in comfortable style.

Living room furniture design trends offer many interesting traditional and contemporary sofa design ideas and wonderful options for adding pleasant colors and welcoming feel to living rooms designs. Modern furniture design trends 2012 will make living room designs more interesting and multifunctional. Modern sofas are great forĀ  comfortable sitting on and getting a nap, family gathering, reading, knitting and watching TV. Modern sofas add style, warmth, cosiness, unique design ideas and textures, creating personal and comfortable modern living room designs.

A sofa is a big investment in your living room design. Interior decorating experts say that the most successful purchase of a sofa is the result of a clear picture of living room furniture trends in modern sofas before going to the store or looking at sofa designs online. You need to know what you like and need for creating functional, atylish and comfortable living room, but be prepared to see new living room furniture design ideas, exciting sofa designs, fresh colors and upholstery fabric textures.

Modern living room design trends

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1. Traditional and classic living room designs require modern sofas in new-classic style. Visually light modern sofas with furniture upholstery fabric in neutral colors, like gray, beige and milky brown color shades are modern furniture design trends in 2012. Luxury sofa upholstery fabric in solid purple, green, navy blue or saphire blue colors are also modern choises for living rooms designs in 2012.

2. Timeless and classic Chesterfield sofa designs vary in details and furniture upholstery fabric colors, bringing deep red and silver tones into large living room design and emphazising its beauty and spaciousness with shiny leather.

3. Sectional sofas for contemporary living room design bring light and youthful atmosphere into modern homes. Space saving corner sofa bed or small sectional sofa designs, decorated with bright cushions in modern purple, orange, green, cream, silver and golden color tones, offer funtional and comfortable living room furniture design trends for 2012.

4. Contemporary bench, chaise and loveseat sofa designs, which are perfect for a short rest and creating cozy corners, add pastel colors to living room furniture design trends for 2012 interior decorating.


5. Small modern sofa with a cozy nest-like shape, soft furniture upholstery fabric and curvy lines is excellent for creating unique and stylish, comfortable and very personal interior decorating design in 2012.

6. Futon sofa bed designs add contemporary simplisity, wood or metal textures, playful polka dot upholstery fabric patterns or dynamic stripes to modern living rooms, celebrating practical and youthful furniture design trends of 2012.

7. Space saving ideas and contemporary furniture design trends offer convenient modern sofa designs without armrests. Beautiful leather sofa in black, white or gray colors with slightly raised edges effeciantly use small living room spaces, offering contemporary level of comfort and stylish furniture design style.

8. Relatively new sofa design trend, which offers modern sofas, that look like made of smal pleasant cushions in light cream, gray, classy black and white colors, is very sensual and perfect for those who appreciate small details in contemporary furniture design.

9. Modern sofas with chrome and nickel furniture parts offer great contemporary furniture design trends that will create attractive masculine living room designs. Leather and natural upholstery faric, stylish black, white, gray, navy blue and red colors create comfortable and trendy living room designs for young men.

10. Ethnic motifs and bright colors, inspired by Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian and African decor and fabric patterns and used for decorating modern sofas in bright colors, create exotic living room furniture design trends for 2012 interior decorating.

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