Modern Staircase Designs Making Spectacular Focal Points in Architectural Interiors

wood glass staircase
Stunning wood and glass staircase design



New staircase designs make attractive focal points in architectural interiors. Modern staircases come in traditional and innovative forms, stunning materials, and various styles, from an elegant contemporary straight flight to a beautiful hardwood spiral. Simplified staircases or the most complex designs, created with beautiful materials, add a unique look to the functional spaces. The Lushome collection of modern staircase designs shows their splendid beauty and elegant style.

Bespoke staircases are great ways to make a lasting impression. Architectural interiors look luxurious with unique staircases. Whether an architect like to customize a design to fit a new space or remodel your stairs, a new staircase becomes a focal point in your home. The materials and their combinations make a significant difference in creating a visual impact of staircase designs.

Beautiful staircase designs in stylish architectural interiors

Entrance staircase designs to improve curb appeal

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Modern staircases

Gorgeous timber wood staircase

Design materials

Expensive exotic woods, timbers, concrete, metal, artificial stone materials, and glass panels create a unique look and add character to staircase designs turning a functional feature into authentic home decoration. Contemporary design materials dramatically alter the mood in the space and significantly contribute to the pleasant first impression of the house.

Blending functionality with art, wooden staircase design

Custom staircase designs, creative ideas for modern interiors

Spectacular glass stairs, contemporary design ideas for modern homes

Staircases are significant elements of modern interior design and structures that guests see first when they come. Open staircase designs enhance contemporary home interiors, while enclosed ideas help preserve the original mood in the home. Carved wood, glass panels, and stainless steel spindles are beautiful ways to accessorize staircase designs.

White-n-black staircase painting idea

Glass staircases

Glass staircase panels bring a feel of spaciousness into contemporary spaces. Glass is an excellent choice for creating open and bright home interiors. A glass staircase is a perfect modern design idea to celebrate the pleasant illusion of ample space and absorb sounds. Paired with concrete and steel, it can add a touch of elegance and give your staircase a contemporary look.

Contemporary staircase design with glass panels and wooden steps

Original staircase designs

Staircase designs say a lot about architects, interior designers, and homeowners. The majestic appearance of wooden stairs or an elegantly simplified contemporary design involving stainless steel parts and glass panels reflect the home style and personal taste.

Glass wall, contemporary stairs

A beautiful staircase can complement your home and increase home’s value. If you are looking for inspiring staircase designs or thinking about remodeling your existing stars, check out the design ideas and see what style is the best for your home.

Beautiful spiral staircase
Original wooden staircase with contemporary lights
Traditional wood stairs, log home interiors
Stunning wood and glass staircase design

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