Creative Design Ideas and Crafts Personalizing Interior Decorating and Inspiring Original Solutions

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black wall stickers and colorful acrylic painting ideas for furniture decoration and wall decor

Creative wall decor ideas and furniture decoration with acrylic paints


Creative design ideas and art projects, unusual photographs and interesting crafts personalize interior decorating adding character to your rooms and creating unique living spaces with striking walls and impressive home furnishings. Music and computer games, fashion and movies can be your inspirations for innovative design ideas and crafts.

Here is a collection of simple and original design ideas, art and crafts from TamTam Designs which give great inspirations for DIY interior decorating, creative art and craft projects. 25 unique, unusual and stunning wall design ideas in contemporary style demonstrate modern ideas that add dimension to modern interior design trends.

Black and white tableware can be adorned with simple geometric or abstract designs turning simple dishes and coffee mugs into unique gifts and table decorations. The Black Porcelain Pen collection of white cups and saucers is hand-painted, creative and fun. Simple designs and contrasting colors add bright look and unique feel to plain white tableware pieces. A freelance designer from Tel Aviv and TamTam Designs blogger made the white tableware set as a birthday present for a friend.

Creative art and craft ideas for home decorating

Hand painted white tableware, simple black designs
Creative design ideas, art and crafts for home decorating

The combination of acrylic on canvas and decals in white and black colors gives great inspirations for bright and original design ideas and furniture decoration.

Simple and creative, this art project turned lacking interest chairs into colorful and interesting, happy and unique home furnishings.

Creative wall decor ideas and furniture decoration with acrylic paints

Recycling clothes and using old T-shirts for metal fence is a creative way to add bright colors to unappealing metal wire or wood. Transforming a rusty metal fence or old wooden parts with soft fabric texture brings a contemporary flair into your outdoor home decorating.

Hand painted sushi plates for creative Asian party table decoration

Creative painting ideas and patterned paint rollers

The designer wrapped metal parts of the fence with colorful fabric stripes, creating a fresh and unique look. It is a simple and inspiring design idea for decorating homes with toddlers and creating safe and colorful backyards.

Recycling clothes for rusty metal fence decorating with old T-shirt fabric stripes

Finding inspirations in minimal line work helps to deal with the chaos that sometimes surround us. The complicated life makes people gravitate towards simplicity, adding unique handmade metal artworks to wall decorating.

Unique wall decorations in minimalist style

Unusual wall design ideas inspiring unique interior decorating solutions

Unusual wall design idea turning old small bathroom into modern and unique

Decorative 3d wall panels adding dimension to empty walls and modern interiors

This amazing installation, entitled The Obliteration Room, is part of Yayoi Kusama exhibition Look Now, See Forever in the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The art project gives an inspiration for kids room decorating with colorful decals, vinyl wall stickers, simple geometric shapes prime colors.

Colorful room design, installation with small wall stickers used for walls, floor, ceiling, lamp shades and furniture decoration
Colorful painting ideas and drawings for creating unique walls
Curvy ceiling and wall design with wood planks
Changing color light and glass, contemporary wall design ideas

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