Modern Office Furniture from Scandinavian Designers Winning Red Dot Awards

office chairs and coaches for modern office decorating


Modern office furniture in Scandinavian style from Studio Mikko Laakkonen, Finland and Scandinavian Business Seating AS, Norway won the Red Dot awards for the best office furniture design ideas which allow to create working and resting areas in elegant, comfortable, attractive and space-saving style. The tables, coaches and chairs in original shapes and pleasant colors look bright and comfortable, taking the Red Dot award in the category Office Design.

Attractive modern office furniture in Scandinavian style demonstrate innovative design ideas by Finnish and Norwegian designers. The Scandinavian furniture items are designed to turn open-plan office spaces into friendlier and more comfortable interiors, adding inviting seating and stylish bright accents to modern office decor.

The sofa Aura, created by Finnish studio Studio Mikko Laakkonen for Inno Interior Oy features a high back in an unusual shape that can work as a room divider and a sound screen. The sofa is a nice office furniture piece, perfect for working in comfort and relaxation in style.

Modern office furniture design in Scandinavian style

Contemporary office design

Chairs RBM Noor from Norwegian company Scandinavian Business Seating AS are designed for use in offices and public places, in coffee shops or conference rooms. These colorful contemporary chairs are very comfortable,offering the seating shape that follows the curves of the human body.

Designers from Norway created 8 models of contemporary chairs for stylish office design. These office chairs allow everyone to choose the right model with and without armrests, metal or wooden legs , traditional or equipped with casters base.

Reinventing office desks and chairs to improve health, upright office furniture design idea

Contemporary office furniture, BuzzHub and BuzzHood Design ideas

Ergonomic office chairs with unique sound screen design

Colorful modern office furniture in Scandinavian style, white and blue coach with high back

Office chairs for contemporary office design

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 11.07.2013

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