Modern Living Room Furniture, Colorful and Playful Link and Loop Collection

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Colorful contemporary furniture for living rooms



Link & Loop collection of contemporary furniture provides a playful way of creating a comfortable and colorful sitting area. Spanish furniture brand Sancal in collaboration with Dutch design studio RawColor develops this festive and bold collection, consisting of soft modules that resemble giant squishy chain links of modern sofas.

The Link & Loop furniture includes the Link sofa and matching armchair, made from interconnected upholstered links strung together to form a couch of the desired length and colors. Multicolored modular furniture links come in bright colors and various sizes and help create a beautiful seating area for a family with kids.

Soft contemporary furniture for modern home decorating

Fun modern furniture made with kids’ toys

Contemporary furniture, living room sofa for modern days

Soft furniture for family-friendly living rooms

Contemporary furniture inspired by chain links

Link & Loop are visually connected by the cylinder, which basic geometry creates softness in its appearance. Elements in different colors combine into one bright and playful patchwork design that is kid-friendly and surprising.

Designer furniture inspired by nature

Unique furniture design, desks for hard workers

Pink Bomb chair design, unique furniture

A stripy sofa featuring blue, green, and brown colors shows a different character with a play of light and shadow and manipulates perception. Optical illusions are a part of the visual effect that Raw Color achieves when connecting light and color in softly rounded designs.

A stripy two-loop armchair
Unique furniture design for family-friendly living rooms, four-loop sofa
Kid-friendly living room furniture, three-loop armchair
Yellow-brown sofa
Colorful contemporary furniture for living rooms

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