Modern Interior Design with Stripes, Striped Wallpaper and Home Decorating Fabrics

colorful stripes on modern wallpaper for kids rooms decor


Modern interior design with stripes is powerful. Striped wallpaper, home decorative fabrics and painted stripes on walls, furniture, floor or ceiling can balance interior design, make room look larger and brighter, energetic and stylish.

The selection of striped wallpaper, home decorative fabrics, the direction of painted stripes on walls, color combinations and striped patterns for your interior design depend on the room size and proportions, the effect you plan to achieve and mood you want to create in your room.

Large modern interiors can be decorated with wide stripes and bright room colors. Strong contrasts and bright interior design colors create energetic and cheerful room decor with stripes on walls, furniture, floor or ceiling. Your creativity and a sense of style  help find the best interior design and decorating solutions for your home interiors.

Modern interior design with stripes

Modern interior decorating ideas, black-n-white and colorful striped decorating fabrics, modern room decor accessories and painted stripes on furniture

Modern interior design with stripes for energetic mood

Room decor with stylish stripes

Selecting the best for your home room colors and choosing the width, length and direction of stripes on walls, furniture, floor or ceiling can dramatically transform your home interiors and turn walls into artworks, balancing the room size with modern interior decorating.

Wall decoration with stripes width and direction, striped walls

Your own, unique and creative interior design ideas bring positive mood into room decor, celebrating your personality with comfortable and modern interior decorating, your favorite room colors, stylish striped wallpaper, home decorative fabrics and painted stripes on walls, furniture, floor or ceiling that create charming and relaxing or dynamic and energizing atmosphere.

The combination of painting stripes on walls and ceiling, striped wallpaper and home decorating fabrics with stripes in matching colors creates outstanding, colorful and modern interior decorating.

You can play with strong contrasts and matching interior design colors, exploring traditional and new home decorating fabrics, modern wallpaper with stripes and bright interior design ideas.

Striped wallpaper, home decorating fabrics and painted stripes on walls or furniture

Striped towels, bedding and room decorating fabrics, like curtains, furniture upholstery, decorative pillows and throws in bright colors look cheerful, bright and optimistic. Black and white stripes on walls, furniture and floor create extravagant and impressive modern interior design with striking optical illusions.

Striped fabrics for decorating floor and windows

Striped wallpaper patterns for modern rooms

Striped decorating fabrics look harmonious with matching solid colors. Cushions with stripes in white and pink colors look gorgeous with vertical stripes on walls, decorated with modern wallpaper in pink color, bringing romance and softness into dining room decorating.

Striped interior decorating ideas

Brown and cream window curtains create comfortable room decor with light living room furniture in matching color. Vertical blue and cream stripes on walls, decorated with modern wallpaper for kids rooms, raise the ceiling and create pleasant and fresh, bright and modern interior design for children.

Feng Shui bedroom decor with stripes

Bright colorful stripes on walls in green, blue, red and orange colors make kids room decor dynamic and optimistic. Black curtains with light gray and tender cream stripes create calming and cozy interior design, balancing bright red and green living room furniture.

Furniture upholstery fabrics in blue-brown and green-brown color combinations bring comfort into modern interior decorating and turn a room into peaceful and pleasant retreat. Horizontal stripes on furniture and wooden floor make room look longer.

Wide vertical white and black stripes on walls, combined with black leather furniture make a bold statement and add drama to interior decorating. Wide stripes on walls make large room decor feel cozier.

Stripped home decorating fabrics, painting stripes on walls and striped wallpaper patterns fill room decor with energy, adding charming accents to home furnishings, dramatically transforming interiors and offering comfortable and modern interior design.

  by Ena Russ   

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