Modern Interior Design with Breathtaking Rainbow Color Combinations

bright room color combinations for modern home decorating

Modern kitchen design with colorful cabinet doors in various bright colors


Bright color combinations are modern interior design trends that warm and spruce up living spaces, adding unique character and energetic look to rooms. Interior designers love to play with bright room colors, choosing two or three favorite hues and creating beautifully bright home interiors.

Bright room colors can be used for any interior design style, from ethnic and country home decorating style to contemporary minimalist style. Bright color combinations, that do not overwhelm, can emphasize architectural features of your home, create stunning accent walls and show off beautiful room decor.

A rainbow color combination is a feast for the eyes. Thanks to the architects from Tham & Videgard Hansson, based in Sweden, this modern living room design looks fresh, interesting and bright with the colorful floor and wall decorating that adds a rainbow color combinations to spacious and contemporary living spaces.

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Top 10 modern interior design trends and stylish room colors

Modern interior design with bright color combinations

Bright floor decor and colorful wall painting ideas, modern interior design with white furniture

Bright room colors create youthful and energetic atmosphere in home interiors. Modern interior design with bright color combinations is fun. Positive energy, bold appearance and creative color combinations are the elements of designing personal and stylish home interiors in bright colors.

The apartment is located in Stockholm, offering artistic, dazzling and stylish rooms with modern interior design and decor that look like works of art.

Colorful floor rug

Colorful floor rug, bright living room furniture and decor accessories

This colorful floor rug by Sonya Winner is glamorous and showy, offering a great way to add bold and unique accents to room colors.

Modern room colors, interior design and decor in red colors

Colorful wall painting ideas

The Pixel wall design in rainbow color combination

This pixel wall design, created by Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov is an amazing example of creative usage of rainbow color combinations in home decorating. The Amirko wall with pixel motifs looks exciting and very contemporary. The living room design in black and white just increases the fascinating effect.

Soft yellow and pastel green colors, modern color trends

Colorful kitchen cabinets

Rainbow Kitchen  design is an interesting design project that blends colorful kitchen cabinets into simple and elegant kitchen design in white.

Modern kitchen design with cabinets doors in rainbow colors

This vibrant kitchen design with colorful cabinets is offered by firm Harvey Jones Kitchens. You can order various sets of bright kitchen furniture pieces and personalize your kitchen design with a creative and unique color combination. The white walls and trim create the perfect backdrop for exciting and vivid kitchen cabinets.

Modern kitchen design with colorful cabinet doors in various bright colors

Colorful dining room decorating ideas

11 wooden stairs making colorful centerpieces for modern interior decorating

Yellow color shades, orange and red colors are gorgeous, energetic and warm color trends in modern interior design. A white background is ideal for wonderfully bright lighting fixtures, room furniture and decor accessories in yellow and orange, pink and purple or red colors. Bright wall paint colors are excellent for creating showy accent wall design. Room furniture and decor accessories in these bright hues add energy to neutral room colors.

Bright dining room decorating with lights, furniture and decor accessories in pink, purple, yellow and red colors

Modern neon lighting fixtures bring retro feel into interior design. Color changing lighting design creates the effect of futuristic and artistic living spaces, taking a candlelight dinner atmosphere in contemporary and impressive style.

Modern dining room decorating with neon lights and bright room color combination adding retro vibe and personality

Bright bedroom design ideas

Colorful interior design in eclectic style turned old farm house into cozy modern home

Bright room colors are great for kids room design. Modern bedroom decorating ideas that include vibrant rainbow color combinations look stylish, cheerful and interesting also.

Bright green wall paint and colorful wall art for modern bedroom design

Modern bedding sets in rainbow color combinations can adorn any bedroom decorating and create colorful and pleasant home interiors.

Striped bedding set adding bright accents and bold color combination to neutral bedroom colors

Colorful bathroom design ideas

Unique lighting fixtures highlighting colorful and playful interior design ideas

Colorful striped patterns look exciting and bold. Striped bathroom fixtures, like these modern bathroom sinks, can be combined with details in neutral colors. Bright and energetic stripes transform bathroom design, adding incredible room colors to explicit home interiors, and beautifying even small bathroom design with striped vanities and sinks.

Striped bathroom countertop and round sinks, modern bathroom design ideas

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