Modern House Design in Spain Boundlessly Merging Home Interiors with Landscaping

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u shape house design

Glass blending yard landscaping with interior design


The latest trends blend interior design with the surroundings in creative and innovative ways. The Spanish house in Esporles, Mallorca incorporate the landscaping ideas and create beautiful rooms with views of the courtyard. Greenery becomes a part of the architectural design, which merge with the surroundings. The house design is a project by Sio2 Arch y Toni Montes.

The slope of the hill allows building a two-floor home with a wooden deck framed by U-shape house design. Natural landscaping and extensive glass panels enable merging home interiors and outdoors. The modern house design brings the nature inside connecting people and outdoor living spaces while stretching the home interiors and harmonizing the environment.

Negative edge pool designs merging boundlessly with the landscape

Luxurious glass house design

Outdoor rooms with sunken and raised seating areas

Modern house design in Spain

Natural materials, simplified interior design, and neutral room colors create comfort. Green plants, trees, shrubs, and grass become the beautiful accents for this Green building.

Courtyard with stairs and wooden deck
Extensive glass wall designs
Modern kitchen with large windows
Home interiors with entrance to the deck
Dining room, glass wall designs
Glass blending yard landscaping with interior design
Bedroom with entrance to the deck
Bathroom design merging with the slope of landscaping

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