Modern Coffee Tables from Bonaldo Reinventing Round Shapes for Distinctive Interior Design

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Black and white round coffee tables


Modern coffee table Orion stylishly reinvents a traditional round shape design. The Orion Coffee Table from Bonaldo looks familiar and novel, adding a striking and innovative centerpiece to modern living room furniture collections.

Coffee tables are functional and versatile living room furniture pieces, essential for creating comfortable, inviting, and cozy living room designs. Modern coffee tables give an attractive look and add a distinctive style to modern living rooms.

TheĀ  Orion coffee table is an excellent example of beautiful, functional, and fresh living room furniture from Bonaldo. Designed by Jarrod Lim, this modern, unusual and impressive glass top coffee table features overlapping rings that create its base. The rings give the glass top coffee table an architectural look, blending surprising furniture design with the softness of its round shape.

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Modern coffee tables

Round coffee table with glass top and ring base

Orion coffee tables

The glass-top coffee table is an artistic reflection on photographs showcasing the circular path traveled by the stars during the earth’s rotation. The designer named this coffee table Orion because it is among the brightest, easily recognized constellations.

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The modern coffee table design consists of a familiar round glass top and a base of steel wires painted in white or anthracite gray color. The light glass top is acid-treated or painted in black or white. The finish is classic colors that help to match your living room furniture and decor accessories creating impressive and personal decor.

Black and white round coffee tables

The Orion Coffee Table will look gorgeous with classic living room furniture and contemporary furnishings. The glass-top coffee table with ring base will give your living room aesthetic appeal and create a distinctive interior design style that personalizes and beautify your home.

Living room furniture, upholstered ottoman coffee table

Glam Pouf Coffee Table by Gino Carollo

The Glam Pouf Coffee Table from Bonaldo blends two functions in one beautiful and convenient living room furniture piece. Upholstered in either shiny technical fabric or leather, the modern coffee table can be used in various ways, adding more comfort to living room designs.

An upholstered pouf-coffee table in various colors

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Geometric coffee table, Italian furniture

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