Modern Ceramic Tile Designs Creating Practical and Beautiful Interiors

ceramic tile designs for modern interiors
Glossy ceramic tiles for floor decoration, modern interior design ideas



Modern ceramic tile designs look amazing.Ceramic tiles are practical and functional, elegant and beautiful. Lushome shares a few ideas from Spanish designers for interior design with modern ceramic tiles that demonstrate spectacular wall and floor decoration.

Spanish ceramic tiles from Venis and Aparici offer beautiful, practical and modern tile designs. Made with high quality materials the wall and floor tiles show off the natural beauty and textured pattern of hardwood, adding unique look to wall and floor decoration.

Ceramic tiles are functional and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are durable and resistant to stains, sun rays and humidity. Modern interior design with new ceramic tiles look familiar and contemporary at the same time, blending the traditional material and innovative wall and floor decoration ideas.

Modern ceramic tiles with wood look offering practical and warm interior design

Simple ceramic tiles painting ideas adding artistic accents to modern interior design

Modern ceramic tiles for wall and floor decoration

Ceramic tiles with wood texture, modern interior design ideas for bedroom wall

Natural materials and traditional ceramic tiles are great sources of inspiration for modern interior design. Contemporary technologies allow to produce tile designs in many different colors to match decor and add stunning accents to harmonious and modern interior design.

Innovative tile design bring the natural beauty of stone and creative textures of artificial materials. Elegantly simple and peaceful tile designs can not be boring, adding unique texture and pattern to wall and floor decorations.

Glossy ceramic tiles for floor decoration, modern interior design ideas

Ceramic tiles in dark brown colors remind of wood and create cozy and warm interior design. Ceramic tiles in light colors add an amazing effect of lightness, airiness and spaciousness to modern interior design and decorating.

Ceramic tile designs bringing advanced technology and beauty into modern interiors

Ceramic tiles bringing unique decoration patterns into modern homes

Soft creamy white and ivory, beige and turquoise, gray and all brown colors are great color choices for ceramic tiles and modern interior design. Inspired by natural stone and wood, ceramic tiles create the perfect backdrop for interior decorating.

Onyx ceramic tiles in white and turquoise blue colors, modern floor tiles

Glossy ceramic tile designs help to expand small spaces visually and bring more light into modern interiors. Creamy beige and light gray color tones are classy and beautiful, and can compliment any interior design. Ceramic tiles in stylish noble blue color or light and dark brown colors are ideal for elegant and modern interior design which feels comfortable and modernistic.

Bedroom wall design with wood ceramic tiles
Bathroom design with wood ceramic tiles
Wood floor tiles, modern interior design
Modern living room design with large wall mirror and ceramic floor tiles
Modern living room design with glossy floor tiles
Modern bathroom design in vintage style with ceramic floor tiles

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