Habitable Pavilion with Polished Steel Pipe Exterior, Futuristic Contemporary Home

wood interior design minimalist style

Steel-wood interior design in a minimalist style


The pavilion design takes advantage of its unique tubular shape to work on an open landscape, offering beautiful natural surroundings. Contemporary interior and exterior design blend with landscapes while providing a symbolic image of an oil pipe or a bullet. The Russian Perfect is a small dwelling, functional as a small contemporary home and futuristic as abstract work, demonstrating simplified and elegant geometry.

The unique pavilion is an elongated metal cylinder, which perfectly works for hillsides. The spectacular console hangs over the hill providing a panoramic view from its balcony. It is a small house design with all the necessary amenities. Guests can cook dinner, shower, sleep on a comfortable bed, and enjoy the natural beauty from a cylindrical balcony.

Ellipse house design blending wood interiors and a futuristic exterior

Futuristic house designs

Unusual glass addition adding a futuristic look to the house design

Tiny contemporary home in a minimalist style

Pipe-shaped small contemporary home

House design materials

The polished house exterior makes the architectural design look innovative and exciting. Wood interior design ideas include wood walls, ceiling, floors, kitchen cabinets, and dining tabletop. Metal bedside tables, chairs, and kitchen appliances balance the interior design and connect it with a stainless steel exterior design.

Portable Loft, small house design with glass walls sending a futuristic vibe

Recycling old car parts and metal pipes for modern home decorating

Futuristic small house design with the unusual exterior and wood interiors

Polished steel sparkles flawlessly in the sun, surrounded by lush greenery. The habitable space that looks like a pipe with a shiny surface shows elegant geometry and beautiful materials. Sergey Kuznetsov, the chief architect of Moscow, called the pavilion Russian Perfect, seeking the integration of house design into the local landscape.

Polished steel house exterior

Artful architectural design

The original house exterior and comfortable interior design are innovative blends of abstract art with a contemporary look and modern textures. Silver-gray colors of metal elements balance the dark brown color palette of the wood ceiling, walls, and floor, creating the stylish interior design in a minimalist style.

Steel-wood interior design in a minimalist style
Tubular balcony design with panoramic views

  by Ena Russ   

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