Ellipse House Design Blending Wooden Structure and Futuristic Look

mobile wooden home design in ellipse shape with two doors

Ellipse house design with two doors


This unique house design is a blend of futuristic  and creative ideas with natural building materials. Designed by architectural studio DmvA in Belgium, the small house design is inspired by organic shapes of oval ellipses. Lushome presents this very unusual handmade house design with futuristic vibe and character.

The house design project is called Blob VB3. It is built by a team of three people. David Driesen, Tom Verschueren and THomas Denturck. The mobile small house is built with wooden elements, which make the project inexpensive and affordable, and creates light but durable structure.

The small house design creates one open space, offering 20 sq m ( 215 sq ft ) of living space. It can be places anywhere, creating a small home office in your garden or a small home. The small house design is good as a garden shed, cottage or cabin also.

Small house design for outdoor living and camping in style

Small house design in ellipse shape

Mobile small house design in futuristic style and ellipse shape

Space saving interior design allows to add a small kitchen and a small bathroom to the open living space with lots of storage shelves which can be used as small beds.

The front part of the ellipse-shaped house can be opened, creating a small entryway and a shelter for a small outdoor seating area. The small house is designed without windows but with two doors.

Ellipse house design with two doors

Functional and inexpensive, the small house design is an unusual mix of futuristic look, traditional eco friendly material and organic design shape. The small house can be used as a hunting and fishing cabin, garden house or summer retreat.

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Small house on wheels with space saving interior design and decor

Kids would be glad to have this futuristic looking home on their backyard also.

  by Ena Russ   

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