Green Ideas for Your Home Interiors, Decorating with Indoor Plants

indoor plants for modern room design and decor

Large house plants for modern interior decorating in eco style

Green ideas for home decorating include adding indoor plants to your rooms and creating a pleasant atmosphere and natural feel in eco style. The article shares ways to make your home greener with indoor plants, enhancing interior decorating ideas with Green accessories.

Suppose you feel that your home interiors are a little empty and in need of a breath of fresh air, then adding a few indoor plants could be just the way to liven your room decor up a bit. Before you go to the nearest garden store and buy the first dozen plants you see, here is some advice to make sure you do not overdo it in your redesign and interior decorating.

Knowing your needs helps to select the best solutions for your interior decorating. Before buying any house plant to toss into an unused corner of your home, first consider the type of indoor plants that will work best for both you as a person and your home decorating philosophy. If you find yourself distracted daily and tend to forget things easily, then a high-maintenance house plant such as a fern or orchids that demand constant watering is probably not the best choice for your interior decorating.

Modern interior decorating with care-free houseplants

15 gorgeous Green design ideas, indoor plants for modern interior decorating

Green home decor that cleans the air, top 10 eco-friendly houseplants

Modern interior decorating with indoor plants

Modern living room design with indoor plants

Maybe you can handle a house plant with more needs. You may give a peace lily, for example, the attention it deserves, but if you have pets or young kids, it would be a bad idea as the peace lily is poisonous if ingested. If a plant died because you could not take care of it, then learn from the experience and look for indoor plants more fitting to your lifestyle.

Top modern interior trends in decorating with houseplants

Adding house plants to room decor to improve the air quality

Modern interior decorating with indoor plants, healthy and beautiful room decor ideas

The right house plant for your room design

Houseplant in a tall container, decorating an empty corner

Adding any house plants to room decor should both complement and accent the function of the room design. You might think adding a cactus plant to your brownstone bathroom would be classy, but besides the fact that cacti are dry weather plants and your bathroom is the most humid room in your house, would you want to slip and stumble into a cactus right when you get out of the shower?

Modern living room design with a tall house plant in a black container

Large potted plants can add a tremendous green touch to the empty corners of a room and can even be used to frame a wall section when placed in opposite corners, enriching modern interior decorating with natural green color and unique texture. For high shelves in a living room or dining room, try adding some cascading indoor plants, those with hanging vines and leaves, to create a spectacular effect and enhance your interior decorating with green color.

Large house plants for modern interior decorating in eco style

You want to find the appropriate house plant for the space you are trying to fill. A tall plant is excellent in a room with a high ceiling, while smaller house plants – like spider plants, make a nice little touch on an end table or coffee table in your living room.

Unique Green wall design, contemporary interior decorating ideas

Local plants for interior decorating

Your best choice for house plant shopping is your local garden center or plant shop. Avoid the bigger department stores as their employees do not always have the specialized knowledge you may require. It is also a great choice if you are into seasonal home decorating, as your local shop will point you towards what is in bloom and fashion.

Elegant bathroom decorating with an indoor plant

Taking good care of indoor plants

All green plants need care. Some indoor plants need more than others, so after choosing the right house plant for your interior decorating, make sure you take care of it. That beauty and natural feel that indoor plants add to modern interior decorating disappear when the leaves start turning brown. By taking good care of your houseplants, you will find these inexpensive and gorgeous home decorations repay that kindness in the stunning look and fresh air. They bring elegance into your home interiors, enhancing your room decor in many attractive, Green, and healthy ways.

Small living room design with green indoor plants
Wood plant stand for room corner decorating with indoor plants
Unique room decorating ideas, room divider with indoor plants, flowers
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