Top Modern Trends in Decorating with Houseplants

dark wall green furniture bronze lights

Modern green colors, exciting contrasts with dark wall paint, bronze lighting


Houseplants add freshness and life to modern interior decorating. They are perfect decorative accessories that change the look and beautifully transform the living space. A splash of green color and lush foliage enliven home interiors and bring natural beauty into the modern interior design. There are many benefits of having indoor plants in your home or office. Lushome points out the top current trends in decorating with indoor plants.

Houseplants have more to offer in addition to their aesthetic values. Indoor plants clean the air, create an uplifting vibe, make modern interiors look relaxing and pleasant. The use of indoor plants is a stylish and elegant way to enhance the interior decorating. Greenery and flowers are versatile and cost-effective accessories that accentuate the balanced interior design.

Perfect houseplants for decorating small apartments and homes

Your kitchen decorating with green plants to save money

Cheap ideas for interior decorating with plants

Trends in decorating with houseplants

Your imagination can help add originality to displays designed with large and small houseplants. The latest trends in decorating give inspirations and ideas for using succulents, cacti, flowering plants, bonsai, small and large indoor plants to bring natural beauty into your modern interiors.

1. Small succulents

Small succulent plant, silver candle, decorative vase, glass tray, coffee table centerpiece idea

2. Simplicity in eco style

Coffee table centerpiece in eco style

3. Original planters

Reclaimed wood wall design, original planters with small indoor plants

4. Large indoor trees and asymmetry

Living room design, decorating with houseplants

5. Recycling for modern interior decorating

Recycling metal and salvaged wood for interior decorating, original side table, metal bucket planter

6. Green accents in white interiors

Green accents and white decorating ideas, white kitchen cabinets

7. Creative combinations

Bedroom decorating with geometric accessories, lighting, planters

8. Asian interior decorating style

Blooming bonsai tree, white kitchen design

9. Green corners

Houseplants for decorating empty spaces

10. Combination of houseplants and accessories in green colors

Concrete and wood interior design, green accessories, indoor plants

11. Elegant geometry

Bedroom decorating, indoor plants in different sizes

12. Amplifying contrasts

Modern green colors, exciting variations, dark wall paint, bronze lighting

13. Green and yellow color combinations

Green and yellow color combination

14. Eco-friendly houseplants to clean the air

Eco-friendly houseplants to clean the air

15. Minimalist style

White bedroom design in minimalist style

16. Beautiful displays with houseplants and textiles

Traditional terra-cotta pots combined with tapestry

17. Vertical gardens

Reclaimed wood, contemporary interior design, vertical garden

18. Greenery in office design

Houseplants for office decorating

19. Decorating with flowers and green plants

Modern living room decorating in neutral colors, green accents, plants and flowers

20. Blending nature into modern interior decorating

Merging outdoor foliage and indoor plants, modern living room design

21. Green leaf patterns and houseplants

Green leaf patterns and indoor plants

22. Mixing modern lighting and hanging plants

Modern lighting with houseplants

You can mix and match houseplants with different shades of foliage. Leaves of various shapes and colors add to the contrasts and jazz up your interior design. Indoor plants of varying heights create beautiful displays and give unique accents to your rooms while harmonizing and personalizing your interior decorating ideas.

  by Ena Russ   

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