15 Gorgeous Phyto Design Ideas and Indoor Plants for Modern Interior Decorating in Eco Style

contemporary planter with house plants


Modern interior decorating with plants and flowers brings the charm and eco feel of phyto-design into contemporary homes, creating natural, attractive and very pleasant rooms to work and live in style. Phyto-design is an important element of modern interior decorating that adds a splash of relaxing green color to rooms and transform them into tranquil and beautiful retreats.

Indoor plants balance contemporary interior design and decorating ideas, and add charming accents to country homes. Indoor plants create a peaceful atmosphere and harmonize modern interior decorating with natural green colors. Phyto-design is an art of emphasizing modern interior decorating with eco accents, creating beautiful and healthy rooms for people to enjoy.

Interior decorating with plants and flowers or creating a winter garden beutify modern home interiors and make offices eco friendlier, healthier and more comfortable for people. Phyto-designers are skillful artists who apply biological principles and knowledge to interior design and incorporate plants and flowers into modern interior decorating.

Add house plants to home decor to improve air quality

How to decorate kitchen with green plants and save money

Interior decorating with indoor plants

Window decorating with indoor plants, modern ideas in eco style
Table top greenhouse, beautiful and cheap decorations or eco gifts for modern interior decorating with house plants

Winter gardens and greenhouses in private homes and cottages are popular ideas for interior decorating with plants. Indoor plants that vary in sizes and types, are excellent, attractive and cheap decorations for small apartments and spacious home interiors also.

Strategically placed indoor plants can elegantly accentuate interior decorating, bringing beautiful texture and wonderful natural green colors into home decor. Indoor plants are great as room dividers and floor decorations. They look natural on window sills and wall shelves. They can visually increase the height of the ceiling or make room feel wider. Contemporary vertical gardens and hanging from the ceiling plants add spectacular decorative accents to modern interior decorating and home staging in eco style.

Contemporary house with indoor plants
Dining room decorating with house plants

According to room temperature and amount of light, phyto-design experts help to select right indoor plants for every room and create gorgeous composition that enrich your home decor, emphasizing eco style and improving home atmosphere. Phyto-design experts create cozy and comfortable working and living spaces that look attractive and connected to the nature.

Green home decor that cleans the air, top eco friendly house plants

Interior decorating with indoor plants to improve air quality

Eco friendly home decorations, Biome Smart terrarium design ideas

Best indoor plants for interior decorating

Chlorophytum, any Ficus palm plants, Dracaena and Geranium are the best indoor plants for interior decorating. They improve the air quality, removing pollutants, creating healthier homes.

Glass enclosure with miniature indoor garden, modern interior decorating with house plants

Indoor plants for decorating dark room corners

Indoor plants like Zamioculcas, Spathiphyllum, Sansevieriya and Aspidistra are great indoor plants decorating poorly lit room corners and home interiors facing the north. Adding lighting fixtures to room corners can solve the problem and create good environment for growing indoor plants, while beautifying your rooms.

Fern, decor for room windows facing north

Maranta plant for interior decorating

Indoor plants unsuitable for kids room decorating

Cacti, Euphorbias, Oleander, Nightshade, all Araceae plants and ferns are not recommended for nursery or kids room decorating. Any fragrant plants and flowers with strong aroma are better to use for dining room and living room decorating, and avoid bringing them into bedrooms.

  by Ena Russ   

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