Green Design Trends Shaping Modern Architecture and Interior Decorating Ideas

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wood furniture for living room

Contemporary living room with wood furniture


Green ideas influence modern architecture, art, and interior design. The realization that the planet needs help for its survival encourages the adjustments and search for eco-friendly ways to build and decorate modern homes. Green design trends bring environmentally-friendly materials, techniques, and forms, taking contemporary home decorating ideas to a new level of understanding of Green living.

A deeper understanding of Green design creates the new attitude toward using humanmade materials and natural sources of the planet. The revival of ancient traditions and old techniques used by our ancestors allow to save the environment and create healthy homes. Green design ideas and eco-friendly home decorating become essential elements of modern life.

Blending architectural designs with surrounding landscapes

The transition to natural dyes and local products made of natural materials influences the latest trends in Green home decorating. Eco-friendly products create the basis for balancing traditional and contemporary concepts and designing the healthy environment.

Water-saving ideas, Green designs

Front door handles for smart eco homes

Creative patio ideas, pavers in eco style

Passed another year, which brought us many amazing eco-friendly products, fresh colors, furnishing discoveries and interior trends. The coming year will be no less impressive and full of Green designs, recycling and decorating ideas. The latest trends demonstrate our commitment to natural materials and colors. Artist, architects, and designers show us how to find inspirations in natural forms. Natural decoration patterns of fabrics, beautiful fibers, and traditional crafts come into every home with stylish decorating ideas.

Floor to ceiling glass panels, glass walls, high-efficiency window design

With new strength and the desire to share recycling inspirations and Green design ideas, Lushome intends to share the latest trends in decorating with handmade designs, crafts, and Green living products.

Green wall design

Green ideas that enhance eco-friendly designs

1. Blending architectural designs with natural surroundings.

2. High-efficiency windows, glass walls design, floor-to-ceiling panels.

3. Green walls and vertical gardens.

4. Natural garden design with local plants, natural materials for yard landscaping.

Stone walls and concrete pavers, yard landscaping ideas

5. Solar outdoor lights.

Yard landscaping with solar outdoor lights

6. Integrating building and decorating materials into the natural environment.

Integrating decorative materials into natural yard landscaping, concrete blocks-grass patio ideas

7. Eco home design with natural materials.

Modern interior design with natural materials

8. Natural light.

Bringing more natural light into home interiors, window seat with cushions

9. Interior decorating with houseplants.

White kitchen decorating with houseplants

10. Wood furniture.

Contemporary living room with wood furniture

11. Natural textiles and furniture upholstery fabrics.

Retro modern furnishings, natural upholstery fabrics and floor carpets

12. Recycling vintage furniture, wood architectural elements, metal decor items.

Recycling and upcycling wood furniture, architectural elements, metal items

13. Recycling plastic for eco-friendly products and Green home furnishings.

Recycling plastic for home furnishings, contemporary floor lamps

14. Handmade furniture recycling broken and useless items.

Handmade bar table and chairs, recycling wood for interior design

15. Ancient crafts and old-world techniques in Green home decorating.

Crochet floor lamps, designer lighting ideas

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