Great 6 Tips to Create Modern Kids Room Design and Decorating, 22 Inspiring Ideas

kids furniture placement ideas and interior colors for children bedroom design and decorating
Kids furniture and bright room colors, zigzag painting ideas for wall decoration



Kids room design and decorating can be simple and fun, or challenging and expensive. It is up to you to learn a few principles of functional, safe and beautiful kids room design which makes children happy and allows parents to relax while creating amazing living spaces. Lushome shares 6 tips that help turn kids rooms into gorgeous, unique and comfortable retreats, and add fun to kids room design and decorating.

Selecting wood flooring materials and modern wall decoration, textiles and home fabrics, lighting fixtures and room decorating accessories can be a pleasant and stress free endeavor. Simple and practical tips for kids room design helps to avoid common mistakes and achieve beautiful , harmonious and personalize children bedroom designs.

Kids room design and decorating principles include safety, clutter free room design with empty spaces, pleasant interior colors, playful accents and kids designs, functional zones for sleep and study or play, durable, light and inexpensive furniture and effective lighting design.

Functional kids room design, understanding kids nature

Kids room design and decorating ideas

Kids furniture and bright room colors, zigzag painting ideas for wall decoration

1. Safe kids room design

Safety is an important factor of children bedroom design and decorating. Safe electronic devices, protected outlets, hidden cables and cords, durable furniture and well mounted wall shelves and lighting fixtures are important for safe kids room design. Hanging paper crafts and decorations instead of heavy accents is a great way to protect children in their bedrooms.

Select light, synthetic materials for kids room decorating which are mold and insect resistant, non-allergenic and easy to clean for beautiful, practical and smart kids room decorating. Choosing eco friendly flooring ideas, ceiling and wall decoration materials, cotton, wool or eco friendly recycled fabrics give a natural feel to kids room design and create eco friendly environment in children bedrooms.

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2. Decluttering, kids storage and organization

Clutter free room design and decorating allow kids to feel great and stay active. Get rid of bulky kids furniture pieces and declutter closets, organize the space and add modern shelving to interior design, creating more free space in children bedrooms.

25 back-to-school kids room decorating ideas highlighting creative storage

3. Fresh and modern interior colors

Refresh kids room colors often, bringing more light into children bedroom. Color design is an important factor of beautiful children bedroom decorating, and kids are really affected by interior colors. Fresh and modern interior colors can look stimulating and relaxing, energetic and optimistic.

White decorating ideas and bright accents in orange color, children bedroom design with built-in bunk beds

Bright and airy kids rooms fee pleasant and inviting. Light sand, beige, pale turquoise blue and green colors, all soft and light pastels are perfect interior colors for baby nursery decor. Brighter room colors, inspired by kids toys can be used for young children bedroom decorating, and dramatic contrasts or complex color schemes are good for teenage bedroom designs.

30 kids room decorating ideas and functional two children bedroom design

Ask your children about their favorite colors, and use their answers as inspirations for selecting the best interior colors for kids rooms.  Take your children with you to select their room decorating accessories in vibrant colors. The sun and skies, flowers and birds, ocean waves and forest trees are beautiful inspirations for choosing interior colors for kids room design and decorating.

Bright interior colors for three children bedroom design, white decorating ideas with red and blue color scheme

4. Study and play functional zones

Attractive and modern kids room design requires creating functional zones for study and play. The functional zones add comfort and organization to children bedroom design, and allow to bring more creative kids designs into interior decorating. Clever design of functional zones help children  to develop and enjoy their spaces. Ergonomic kids tables and desks, adjustable modern chairs and storage ideas are all you need to improve children bedroom design and decorating to keep kids happy and energetic.

5 basic principles for modern kids room design and decorating

Playful accents are important parts of kids room design and decorating also. A canopy or a tent, additional floor pillows and blankets help create unique and comfortable play zones in kids rooms.

Wigwam tent for kids room decorating

5. Light, inexpensive and multifunctional kids furniture

Durable and safe, but light and multifunctional kids furniture pieces are ideal for children bedroom design and decorating. Inexpensive and ergonomic home furnishings look contemporary and very attractive to kids. Wooden furniture, made of alder, birch or beech wood, featuring rounded, smooth and simple details are perfect for young kids rooms. It is better to have more light wall shelves or freestanding shelving units, than a single bulky chest of drawers. Transformer furniture items, featuring compact and multifunctional design, are wonderful solutions for space saving and modern kids room design and decorating.

Contemporary kids furniture

6. Modern lighting design

Efficient and bright lighting design is a good idea for kids rooms. Every functional zone of a children bedroom need good light. The ceiling lighting fixture, a table lamp, wall sconces and a night light create beautiful and very comfortable lighting design for kids rooms.

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Young kids room decorating ideas

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