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modern bedroom design and decorating ideas

Modern bedroom design, goof Feng Shui and bedroom furniture placement idea


Ancient Chinese Feng Shui is an art of designing harmonious, balanced and comfortable homes. Many people learn good Feng Shui for bedroom furniture placement and room decorating to create beautiful, pleasant and healthy rooms for ultimate relaxation. Lushome shares inspirations and Feng Shui tips for bedroom design which may help harmonize your living spaces.

Good Feng Shui for bedroom furniture placement teaches to bring balance into your home and helps harmonize your entire life. Beautiful, functional and comfortable bedroom design creates a positive effect in your life and improves your lifestyle. This Eastern philosophy of balance gives good Feng Shui tips for creating perfect bedroom designs for sleep, rest and rejuvenation.

Good Feng Shui for bedroom design and decorating reorganizes the life energy in the house and in bedrooms, and creates harmonious living spaces in terms of the energy flow which attract good luck, health and wealth. The main element of good Feng Shui for bedroom design is the correct furniture placement in accordance with the Feng Shui Bagua octagon.

Good Feng Shui for bedroom decorating

Good Feng Shui colors for interior design and decorating

Good Feng Shui for bedroom design

Large bed headboard design, good Feng Shui for bedroom design and decorating

the Feng Shui Bagua octagon reflects all important aspects of human life: love, health, career, family, work and wealth. Good Feng Shui brings bedroom design to compliance with all ancient Chinese recommendations. Good bedroom furniture placement in the recommended Feng Shui Bagua zones activates the energy flow, improve and harmonize bedroom design.

To organize the living spaces in accordance with Feng Shui Bagua zones and attract positive changes you need to Feng Shui your bedroom design and decorating. Modern bedroom design in accordance with Feng Shui principles creates more balance and simplify your life.

Modern bedroom design, goof Feng Shui and bedroom furniture placement idea

Good Feng Shui for bedroom design teaches to select the best room for a bedroom, to think about bedroom furniture placement and to choose the right bedroom colors for creating peaceful and relaxing or stimulating and pleasant living spaces.

Stylish striped to Feng Shui bedroom designs

Feng Shui cures and tips to correct bedroom designs

East and north-east directions are less suitable for bedroom locations and good night sleep. According with Chinese Feng Shui for bedroom design, people, especially young children, need to sleep in rooms facing the south or south-east. Sensitive, artistic and creative individuals, especially young adults and teens, who are always producing new ideas and energy, should choose the southern and south-eastern locations for their bedrooms. The north-west is good for older couples bedroom design, which will be relaxing and comfortable.

Good Feng Shui for bedroom furniture placement, large bed headboard

Feng Shui tips for bedroom design

1. Avoid northern location.

2. Choose a room which is as far away from the front door as possible.

3. Your bedroom door should not be opposite to any bathroom door.

Solid bed headboard design, good Feng Shui tip for bedroom furniture

4. Good Feng Shui bedroom furniture placement harmonizes room designs and Feng Shui home for wealth and health. The perfect place for a bed allows you to see the door.

5. Massive headboard ideas are excellent for good Feng Shui in your bedroom. Placing a bed against a wall creates stability and Feng Shui your home for wealth and health.

6. Exposed ceiling beams should be covered. A canopy bed is a great option for good Feng Shui in your bedroom. Both partners need to have comfortable access to the couples bed from both sides. A single bed can be placed along a wall in kids rooms and teenage bedrooms.

Modern bedroom design with accent brick wall
Classic bedroom design
Contemporary bedroom design with large windows
Modern interior design and decorating ideas by Interirium Design Studio

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