Futon Mattress and Space Saving Ideas, Transformer Furniture for Small Rooms

futon chairs furniture for small rooms

Futon chair and bed transformer in black and pink colors, modern furniture for small rooms

A futon mattress can work as a transformer, turning a bed into a chair or a sofa, Danish furniture designers say. A bright futon cover adds a colorful decorative accent to a room, and creative space saving furniture for small rooms decorating.

Transformer furniture design is usually associates with space saving ideas for small rooms and modern furniture pieces that can be folded with clever mechanisms. Futon mattresses Nest/Nido and Hippo  from Behance, www.behance.net/andbbac/ are different.

Smart furniture design allows to change the function of a futon mattress as it is needed, furnishing a small room with a futon bed, a chair or a sofa. Transformer furniture for small rooms is offering elegant space saving ideas, the simplicity and functionality of futon mattresses that look gorgeous with hidden futon frames.

Futon chair and bed transformer in black and pink colors, modern furniture for small rooms

Soft, folding futon beds, which are chairs at the same time, in white and deep purple colors are convenient and comfortable. Colorful futon mattresses in black, white, green and pink colors with hidden futon frames offer great space saving ideas for small rooms, which kids teens and young adults will enjoy.

Beautiful modern furniture design ideas reflect new ways of creating futon beds, chairs and sofas, changing people perception of common objects.

Black round futon mattress and green futon chair, space saving furniture design

Transformer ideas of creating multifunctional modern furniture help find wonderful space saving furniture for small rooms, applied to futon beds and chairs redesign. The project was carried out as a group in a collaboration with a Danish furniture manufacturer Karup A/S. The furniture design team includes designers Anders Bak, Ida Sofie G√łtzsche Lange, Anne-Sofie Voss, Lars Wigh and Troels Rask Pedersen.

Transformer furniture design ideas, space saving furniture for small rooms

Transformer furniture design ideas, modern furniture for small rooms

Designers creates futon beds and futon chairs that consist only of the futon mattress, fully exploiting its wonderful qualities, and designing simple and elegant modern furniture for small rooms. Esthetically pleasing and functional, futon mattresses in black, white, green and pink colors are comfortable and modern furniture that add stylish design to small rooms.

White futon bed and futon chair, transformer furniture for small rooms

The idea behind new futon beds and chairs is the blend of Japanese furniture design traditions with Western preferences for comfort and functionality. Combining hard and soft parts of futon beds and chairs in an innovative way, designers explored futon mattresses, analyzed qualities and found new futon beds and chairs designs that can be transformed easily, providing comfortable seats and guest beds.

Space saving furniture for small spaces

Space saving ideas for kids bedroom

3500 Nest/Nido futon chairs are sold across Germany, Switzerland, France and Denmark. The high quality futon mattress is popular.

Futon chairs that are tranformer type futon beds, space saving furniture design ideas

Colorful futon chairs is the result of creative redesign of a traditional futon bed, which offering attractive space saving furniture for small rooms and stylish transformer ideas for kids, teens and young adults.

Modern furniture design ideas

Modern furniture design ideas, striped furniture

Modern furniture for living room, design trends

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