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modern furniture design, european furniture with stripes


Cheerful stripes on walls, furniture, room decor accessories and floor brighten up interior design and create a sense of movement, energizing people and improving mood, phychologists and decorators say. Stylish striped wallpaper and home furnishings, furniture, room decor accessories and decorating fabrics with stripes can add extravagant accents to modern interior design or make room decorating ideas look calm.

If you like furniture in solid dark colors, French furniture design company Labarere is going to change your preferences. Modern furniture with colorful stripes is one of modern interior design trends 2012 that brings warm rich colors, beautiful textures of natural materials and unusual design ideas into modern homes.

Painting black and white stripes on walls, furniture, floor or ceiling, or designing colorful, cheerful and bright patterns with stripes are modern room decorating ideas for unique and personal, interesting and modern interior design. (Chalkboard paint for modern furniture decoration)

Modern furniture decoration with stripes

French furniture from the collection Opus / Versus look stylish and fresh, eccentric and beautiful. Euripean furniture design combined classic form and contemporary furniture decoration. Small, but comfortable drawers and colorful palette for furniture decoration from MOGUL, offer gorgeous, unusual and modern interior design ideas for stylish homes.

Striped interior design ideas from France

Famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier decorated not only walls and furniture with white and blue stripes, but used striped floor ideas, creating amazing interior design that look deep, extravagant and surprising.  White and blue stripes are used for walls and furniture decoration, and even bedroom ceiling is decorated with stripes.

Small tables decorated with colorful stripes, circles and stripes are modern interior trends

Eccentric striped interior design is striking, making us wonder and admire the talent, skills, a sense of style, good taste and courage that require for developing unusual, provoking and brave room decorating ideas. His apartment is covered with stripes completely, from floor to ceiling. Thin stripes on walls, furniture and floor in bold blue and white colors create strong contrast and feel powerful, dynamic and vivid.

Furniture painting

Modern interior design with stripes

Room decorating ideas, stylish stripes

Modern furniture design with colorful stripes

Modern busy life demands the ability to adapt. Modern furniture design become more simple and versatility. Bright stripes on walls and furniture is a way to add extra touch to modern interior design ideas, bring more color and create cheerful room decor. Optimistic stripes in rainbow colors are furniture decoration ideas that are simple and dramatic. Hybrid Furniture from Marton & Alle, is an excellent example of convenient and unique modern furniture design for all those who like the simplicity of modern furniture design, creativity and unique style.

Coffee table with built-in vase and decorated with colorful stripes

Bright stripes are great for modern furniture decoration. Stripes are excellent for all who young and enthusiastic, optimistic and happy. Colorful stripes make furniture look bold, interesting and unusual, while offering an easy way to keep furniture pieces clean. Creative and cute modern furniture design ideas make furnishing a small apartment in style easier and stress free. The table, combined with a lamp, a coffee table, decorated with a striped mini vase and a large round mirror with a small shelves, decorated with stripes are beautiful, space saving and stylish room decorating ideas for busy people.

The bright collection of European furniture made of polymethyl methacrylate, acrylic plastic which is difficult to split or break and very easy to clean. The combination of colorful stripes, used for cheerful modern furniture decoration, creative furniture design ideas and strong contemporary material for furniture design make this furniture collection perfect for young peoples and families with small children.

Unique furniture design ideas

Unique furniture design to recycle car junk

Unique chair with hair

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