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feng shui homes with koi fish and aquarium

Gold fish in an aquarium to decorate and Feng Shui homes, Simple and pleasant Feng Shui cures

Feng Shui cures like koi fish, bagua mirrors, wind chimes and clocks are simple, attractive and powerful tools in Chinese Feng Shui, creating more harmonious, balanced and pleasant environment that supports you and your family.

Goldfish in an aquarium is often used as Feng Shui cures and a tool to Feng Shui home for wealth and prosperity. An aquarium with goldfish add the energy of moving water to your room, symbolizing the flow of the energy, which in China is often associated with the flow of money.

Pleasant and very decorative Feng Shui cures, fish aquariums should be places in the wealth and prosperity zone, which is determined by the house layout, in order to achieve the best result.

Feng Shui home, pets

Feng Shui home, front door andentryway decorating

Goldfish in an aquarium to decorate and Feng Shui homes, Simple and pleasant Feng Shui cures

Lucky numbers of fish to Feng Shui homes

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui experts say that small ponds or aquariums with six goldfish attract wealth and health. Nine fish in your aquarium strengthen the effect and Feng Shui home for wealth even more, symbolizingĀ  the perfection, ultimate success and high achievements.

Goldfish aquariums are excellent Feng Shui cures that can be used to neutralize the negative energy and disperse its harmful effects also. Feng Shui experts advise to place an aquarium with six black fish in a place opposite to the object with sharp edges that creates a negative effect.

Feng Shui room with an aquarium

Feng Shui for wealth with fish tanks

Exotic home decorations and Feng Shui cures

Bagua mirrors to Feng Shui homes

Another Feng Shui cure is a bagua mirror. There are different types of Feng Shui mirrors, each of which serves a specific purpose.

Ordinary mirrors can be used to bring distant images into the house that can balance your room decor.

Bagua mirrors decorate doors of Chinese houses. They reflect the negative energy and protect the house.

Concave mirrors reflect inverted images and usually used to challenge the negative energy and change its flow direction.

All mirrors represent the Metal element in Feng Shui.

An aquarium with black fish symbolizes the Water element and can neutralize the negative energy, reflected from bagua mirrors, used in neighboring houses, creating the supporting environment in your home.

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Garden decorations and Feng Shui cures
Home decorations and Feng Shui cures

Wind chimes to Feng Shui homes

Wind chimes are delightful Feng Shui cures that increasing the energy flow and neutralize the negative effects.

Wind chimes are simple, useful and very decorative Feng Shui cures that add unique character to your home and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Clocks to Feng Shui homes

An old clock with a pendulum or a garland of coins are simple and effective Feng Shui cures. These objects represent the Earth element which is depleting the negative effect, generated by objects, representing the Metal element and located in surrounding buildings.

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